Bahamas Culinary Month

Nassau, Bahamas- October is an exciting and tantalizing month as the Ministry of Tourism celebrates Bahamian cuisine through Culinary Month.

Culinary Month is a part of the Ministry of Tourism’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. 

As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, both locals and visitors will be able to participate in five exciting events.

The events include Restaurant Month, Taste Our Bahamas: Food Tour featuring Conch, Taste Our Bahamas Food Festival, International Cultural Festival and Bahamas National Trust Wine and Art Festival.

The objectives of Culinary Month is to showcase the culinary products of the Islands of The Bahamas, involve various restaurants to participate in restaurant month featuring various conch dishes and develop tours featuring conch.

“Culinary Month’s objective is to create activity and draw visitors to the Islands of The Bahamas to participate in the flavors of our cuisine,” says Culinary Tourism Manager DeAnne Gibson.

“Taste Our Bahamas is the food festival component that focuses on each island competing in the Best of the Best – our down home mouthwatering Bahamian comfort foods. This event will feature a Breakfast Pavilion, Farmer's Market, Food Vendors representing the various Islands of The Bahamas and the best dishes, culinary demonstrations from top Bahamian chefs, a mixology showdown among the bartending and mixologist community as well as the recognition of Bahamian culinarians.”

Ms. Gibson adds that there will be more culinary tourism events in the near future.

“We are excited about the future of Culinary Tourism for The Bahamas as we have been and will be stepping up our position at international food festivals and competitions to expose more persons to Bahamian cuisine,” she said.

“This year Taste our Bahamas activities initiates the beginning of the annual culinary month festivities with plans for next year's already begun.  This niche market is taking off and fully supported by Prime Minister Perry Christie and Minster of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe as a market we are focusing on.” 

Media Contact: Kendea Smith,