Tourism executives for the Islands of The Bahamas came together recently at the Renaissance Hotel in Plantation, Florida to form the Bahamas Wedding Council.  The group believed to be the first of its kind for the Caribbean is made up of Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (BMOT) officials, hotel suppliers and wedding experts, to gather intelligence and further grow the lucrative wedding and romance market. 

The Deputy Director General for the BMOT, Ellison “Tommy” Thompson, said he was “pleased with the high level of interest shown and honest and valuable dialogue shared by the group.  Paramount to our success is our ability to come together to systematically improve on our diverse and incredible product for our guests and simultaneously grow this phenomenal market”.

Freda Malcolm, Director of Romance at the BMOT, said that “The Bahamas has always taken a proactive approach and serve as the bench mark for tourism in the Caribbean, and as such, the decision to form this vital council, is just another innovative step, it has taken to continue leading the industry and simultaneously, remain competitive as more and more destinations open themselves to tourism”.

“Our plans are to further capitalize on the expert knowledge, skills and shared trends of our council members into creating authentically bold and successful campaigns, for our diverse 700 islands chain” she said.

The next Wedding council meeting is set for April 2017.

In December 2015 the Islands of The Bahamas was named the “Leading Wedding Destination” at the World Travel Awards, in Morocco.

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