Bahamas A Hit At 2015 Oshkosh EAA AirVenture Show

The Islands of The Bahamas was once again a smashing hit at the 2015 Oshkosh Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture show, held at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

More than 500,000 aviation enthusiasts and media professionals from sixty countries and 10,000 aircrafts attended the world’s largest EAA AirVenture show, which featured daily aerobatic performances, aircraft stimulation and a diverse selection of iconic vintage, military and experimental aircrafts.

The Bahamas team led by Chief Pilot Captain Greg Rolle, Senior Director of Sports, at the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) said, “the AirVenture show provides substantial networking opportunities, business group leads and destination publicity for The Bahamas”. 

“The increase that we are experiencing in our air traffic to The Bahamas and much of our fly-ins, particularly to our family islands, are a direct result of our attending these types of show”.

“In addition to the strong and wonderful relationships we, along with our uniform agencies inclusive the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Bahamas Department of Civil Aviation and Bahamas Customs and Immigration have established, have also been able to work closely with US Federal Agencies on air traffic policies and procedures at these shows” he said.  

“In April 2016, the MOT will be coordinating the first aircraft conference and airshow in Grand Bahama, which is expected to attract some of the most skilled pilots and diverse fleet of experimental aircrafts,” he said.

Fly-In Ambassadors, Mike Zidziunas and Terry Carbonell conducted six seminars during the week-long show, and pilots who participated received wings credit and promotional prizes including vacation getaways at Valentine’s Resort, a 2015 Pilot’s Guide to The Bahamas and Chart among other giveaways.

Information was shared on The Bahamas’ easy accessibility and proximity to Florida, easy policies and procedures for flying light sport aircraft into the Bahamas and about The Bahamas’ commitment to improving global safety and efficiency through its newly installed and upgraded, state of the art radar and navigational air traffic control systems at the Nassau International Airport.

The Bahamas, made up of more than 700 islands, which spans more than 100,000 square miles, commencing 55 nautical miles off the coast of Florida has several airports, and its hassle-free flying restrictions, make it an ideal destination for pilots of all size aircrafts, from commercial airbuses to experimental light aircrafts.

The Bahamas also has a unique Fly In Ambassador program, specifically targeted to sports pilots and owners of light sport and experimental aircraft.  The program uses some of the most skilled and seasoned pilots in the United States who are knowledgeable about flying into The Bahamas to lead groups of pilots and aviation enthusiasts into The Bahamas, who are unfamiliar to the country’s geographical and aviation landscape.

For more information on experimental, amateur-built aircraft, participating in a fly out and or comprehensive guidelines to flying into the Bahamas go to

Media Contact: D. Earnestine Moxyz | Bahamas Ministry of Tourism | | 954-236-9292