Bahamas Ministry Of Tourism Gets Gold

Tourism officials presented with European award for Quality management 

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (BMOT) was recognized for leading the way in delivering quality product and service, and yesterday became the first tourism organization in the Caribbean region to receive a prestigious European award for quality management.

The European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) declared BMOT one of 75 winners of this year’s Quality Achievements Awards. The ministry was one of only five organizations to receive an award in the Gold Category.

The top award for Quality Management came in recognition of BMOT’s exceptional accomplishments in customer service, hard work and commitment to quality.

Tourism Director General Joy Jibrilu accepted the Gold Award during the 2015 ESQR Achievement Awards Convention at Grange St. Paul’s Hotel in London, England on Sunday, June 14.

“What this says to us, not just as a ministry, not just as an organization, but also the people of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas on the whole, is that we are doing something right and we are on the right track. The world is watching, they are recognizing us, and they’re letting us know that we are getting it right,” Jibrilu said.

Each year ESQR recognizes organizations, public administrations and companies from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia that have demonstrated outstanding commitment, support, and effort to endorse and improve quality management.

According to ESQR Senior Advisor Michael Harris, BMOT’s efforts continue to impact The Bahamas in a positive way, by enhancing the country’s product offerings, and getting staff and members of the public on board.

“We look at industries in all seven continents that impact regions in such a positive manner that they’ve impacted all the people living there, they are organizations that are growing and making contributions that change people’s lives. To be included in this prestigious group is just tremendous and it says so much about [the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism]. This is a first for an organization like this in the Caribbean,” Harris said.

During the convention, Jibrilu showcased BMOT’s achievements to more than 100 renowned business leaders, academic experts, and quality professionals, highlighting the steps that BMOT has taken to ensure quality service and product.

“Although physical infrastructure is important to us, we managed to keep everything in perspective, never losing sight of what was of greatest importance – the human touch. We needed to ensure that our visitors were having positive interactions with Bahamians, who were their hosts. This was done through training programs such as BahamaHost, the beefing up of our visitor relations unit, and of course our People to People program,” she said.

Jibrilu added: “We are motivated by this most prestigious award, which will serve not only as inspiration to us but also as a reminder.  It will remind us daily that our guest is of utmost importance. It was, in large part, the recommendations of our guests that earned this award for us.  This again shows us that the customer is king.  If we take care of our visitors as they deserve, our business will be sustained.”

A series of marketing innovations and the development of several niche markets were also cited as reasons the ministry continues to gain international attention.

The award winning companies and organizations are selected by ESQR based on the results of ESQR’s polls, consumer opinion research and market study.

European Society for Quality Research is an organisation, with a head Office in Lausanne, Switzerland, dedicated to quality improvement techniques recognition and research. It recognizes excellence, disseminates innovation and visionary thinking, spreads knowledge, shares conformity assessment practices and facilitates networking.

Media contact: Nikia Deveaux | Bahamas Ministry of Tourism | | (242) 422-6858