The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Launches New “Life is Grand” Advertising Campaign

Introduces the many ways that “Life is Grand” on Grand Bahama Island

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is pleased to announce the launch of the new “Life is Grand” advertising campaign. The campaign highlights the ecological riches, natural wonders, exhilarating adventures and vibrant culture that make life grand on Grand Bahama Island.

“The Northern Bahamas, which includes Grand Bahama Island, was not impacted by Hurricane Joaquin. While the entire Bahamas is united and focused on relief and recovery efforts in the Central and Southern Bahamas, the Ministry of Tourism must work even harder to ensure that the world knows that The Bahamas is open for business.  Visitors to Grand Bahama Island are inspired and enchanted every single day, and I am proud and honored to present a campaign that showcases the best of this island and gives a taste of our diverse offerings as we seek to give each of our unique islands a strong brand identity,” said Hon. Obie H. Wilchcombe, MP, Minister of Tourism. “This campaign illustrates our creative approach to advertising the multiplicity of our destination and creating a brand identity for Grand Bahama Island.” 

The campaign was also developed to increase stopover arrivals, cruise and day trips by ferry and progressively reposition Grand Bahama Island as the easy escape for South Floridians.   The campaign will feature multimedia assets that include TV, radio, outdoor, digital, and mobile along with consumer activations in South Florida and social media. Capturing the authentic spirit of Grand Bahama Island, the TV spot is enlivened with a performance by famous Bahamian singer Julien Believe that was recorded specially for the “Life is Grand” campaign.  The campaign will be multilingual and will be translated into Spanish and rolled out on top US Hispanic TV and radio stations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The TV spot and booking options from South Florida are available on

About Grand Bahama Island

Traveling to Grand Bahama Island by plane, ferry or cruise is convenient and relaxing. Six air carriers provide air service, including non-stop, to Grand Bahama Island from the United States and Canada. Visitors from Florida can also enjoy luxurious cruise ships and fast ferries that dock in the radiant city of Freeport. Grand Bahama Island is the Bahamas’ closest major island to the United States, lying just 55 miles east of Florida. With a distinct mix of historic appeal, modern attractions and ecological wonders, your visit is sure to be memorable. On Grand Bahama Island, you can combine a fun-filled vacation at an upscale resort with the charming allure of a small town. Boasting one of the world’s largest underwater cave systems, three national parks, endless beaches, Eco tours, world-class fishing and boating and crisp blue water, Grand Bahama Island has it all. 

Media Contact: Anita Johnson-Patty | Bahamas Ministry of Tourism |