The Bahamas Wins Big At The 10th Annual Filmat Festival

The 10th annual FilmAT Festival will be held in Warsaw on June 17-19th.   FilmAT is one of the tourism film festivals of CIFFT, the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals. The  Music Voyager Bahamas episodes have been entered into thirteen of the world’s top film and tourism festivals.  The first in the series of festivals is FilmAT and the ‘Heartbeats of The Bahamas’ took the top prize.  The festival is a continuation of the International Tourfilm Festival and its main objective is selecting the best Tourfilm productions produced in every part of the world.  The entrants are judged by an international jury composed of some of the top specialists from the filmmaking industry, advertising and tourism. 

This year, Music Voyager’s “Heartbeats of The Bahamas” has already placed as one of the big winners.  Music Voyager, produced by Farook Singh is a series that explores the most culturally exciting cities in the world.  They work with local artists to co-host and guide viewers as they journey to experience their city through their own eyes, their own art and their own words. 

Following the success of another big winner, “When Pigs Swim”, The Bahamas seems to have no shortage of compelling films as they branch out and spread their influence over the whole world. 

The Hon. Obie Wilchcombe, Minister of Tourism for The Bahamas, had this to say:

“We are most honored that the rest of the world is reciprocating so favorably to our wonderful country and its rich culture and heritage.  These film festivals really are a fantastic outlet for people from all over, to get a glimpse at what we’re all about.”

In January, the show visited Grand Bahama Island, Nassau and Cat Island in hopes of capturing the musical soul and culture of The Bahamas. The Bahamas episodes will be featured in 120 countries and dubbed in 33 languages. 

Tune into the world premier of The Bahamas episodes on PBS in the US and Canada. 

Bahamas episode 1: Saturday June 13 at 9pm EST

Bahamas episode 2: Saturday June 20 at 9pm EST

Bahamas episode 3: Saturday June 27 at 9pm EST

Media Contact: Anita Johnson-Patty | Bahamas Ministry of Tourism |