Bimini Fact Sheet

Bimini  is a peaceful, quaint getaway with a mix of adventure, exudes uniqueness, vibrancy and Bahamian authenticity. Located just 50 miles from Florida’s coast, Bimini is one of the most easily accessible islands from the United States, with North Bimini Island and South Bimini Island making up the two main islands.

History – Legend holds that Ponce de Leon landed on Bimini in his search for the Fountain of Youth, but during prohibition the island was a source for booze instead. Bimini prospered during prohibition thanks to its usefulness as a base of operations for rumrunners. The island was also a magnet for boldfaced names from Ernest Hemingway to Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

About Bimini

  • Town/Settlement: Alice Town 
  • Size: 7 ½ miles long and ½ mile wide, and makes up a landmass of just nine square miles
  • Population: Approximately 1,988


Hilton At Resorts World Bimini – The luxury resort on North Bimini boasts amenities including an infinity pool overlooking Bimini Bay, a boutique casino with more than 160 slot machines and a Serenity Spa and Salon, offering world-class body and beauty treatments.

Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina – Located in North Bimini, this history-filled boutique resort is home to Bimini Big Game Bar & Grill, a fresh water swimming pool, the Big Game Dive Shop and a 75 slip full-service marina, popular for boating, yachting and fishing.

Bimini Sands Resort and Marina – Bimini Sands Resort & Marina offers a quaint, home-away-from-home experience on South Bimini. With more than 200 units, three freshwater pools and an easily accessible marina, Bimini Sands is perfect for families, as well as yachters.


Scuba diving, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, boating, stand-up paddle boarding and hiking through the Bimini Nature Trail are several activities enjoyed by visitors to Bimini year-round.


Bimini Road/The Lost City of Atlantis – Believed to be the road to the Lost City of Atlantis, this scuba diving site is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bimini.

Radio Beach – Located right off the Queen’s Highway in Alice Town, this oasis is Bimini’s most frequented beach.

Honeymoon Harbour – Stingrays, vibrant starfish and conch shells can be spotted while snorkeling throughout Honeymoon Harbour.

The Fountain of Youth – A sacred spring located in Bimini, the legendary Fountain of Youth is said to reverse the process of aging and cure sickness.

The Healing Hole – Having gained its name from its alleged healing powers, this freshwater pond is a hidden gem located in East Bimini.

Sapona Wreck Site – Sapona was a concrete WW1 ship that wrecked in 1926, and is now a popular site that is shallow enough that snorkelers can access.


  • Bimini was Ernest Hemingway’s favorite summer escape
  • The island is known as the “Deep Sea Fishing Capital of the World”
  • The famously coined “Bimini Bread” is a must-try local staple 


South Bimini Airport (BIM) serves Bimini departures and arrivals.

(954) 359-0320

(954) 772-3363; (954) 295-0681

(877) 393-2510

(242) 347-4300

(242) 377-0039

(954) 359-9942; (800) 444-9904

(954) 359-0059; (877) 281-3051

(305) 685-9634; (786) 251-4345

  • Shore Charter Services:

(242) 524-8721

(242) 352-6447; (844) 674-5837

(305) 741-0489

(954) 210-5569; (800) 767-0897

(242) 347-4100


  • U.S. currency is accepted and is interchangeable with the Bahamian dollar.
  • Temperatures, year-round, range from 68 to 86 degrees during the day and 62-70 degrees at night. 
  • Sea water temperature ranges from 73 degrees in February to 82 degrees in August. 
  • The entry requirement for U.S. and Canadian residents is proof of citizenship, in the form of a passport.  All U.S. citizens and foreign nationals traveling to the United States from The Bahamas, are required to present a valid passport or another secure document accepted by United States Customs and Border Protection. 


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