The British Colonial Hilton is looking to become more family friendly by hosting the Rake, Scrape N’ Scotch Festival on August 25.

The event is geared toward providing an authentic Bahamian experience at the grounds of the historic hotel.

Marketing and Leisure Manager Rakel Dean says the event, which will feature 14 local vendors, will show the fun side of the hotel.

“We thought that this was necessary because too often we are losing our culture and we want to be able to bring that back from a brand prospective,” she said.

“We are an historic hotel and we thought, what better hotel to put on such an event for the guests and the locals.”

Patrons will be treated to signature Bahamian Rake N’ Scrape music performed by the Rhythm Band, and culinary delicacies offered by vendors, including Conch n’ Cone, Corn Diggity Dog, The Batter Girls, The New Duff, PopStop242 and Pulpy among others.

“We expect that patrons will be swept away by the music, enjoy tantalizing food and be able to buy some great Bahamian arts and craft,” Dean said.

To stage this event, the Hilton has partnered with Kalik, which is celebrating 30 years of producing premium Bahamian beers.

“We thought what better partner than Kalik because we are celebrating our 45th anniversary this year. Kalik is a truly Bahamian beer and a lot of people don’t understand where it came from and we are happy to let them come on board and provide them with that experience and provide the history behind the beer,” Dean said.

Ms. Dean added that the Rake, Scrape N’ Scotch Festival is a spring board for events in the future.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. We want to provide an experience for locals and international guests. The Hilton has been seen as a corporate hotel for many, many years and we are trying to enhance that by providing events such as this to give our guests a leisure experience as well,” she said.

Parking for the festival will be provided at The Pointe’s parking lot at a cost of $5. The entrance fee for adults is $10 and $5 for children. For more information, contact the British Colonial Hilton at 322-3301. 

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