Information on Condor:

  • B 767-300 series aircraft
  • 1 flight per week (seasonal service – 6th November, 2017 – 30th April, 2018)
  • Flight operates Frankfurt/Nassau/Havana/Frankfurt
  • 129 seats dedicated to Frankfurt/Nassau service


*    5,387 estimated stopover visitors (@ 80% load factor)

*    18,855 estimated room nights (double occupancy @ 7 nights average stay)

*    $8.1 million in visitor spending (@ $1,504 average spend per visitor)

Benefits of CONDOR Frankfurt/Nassau Flight:

  1. Achieves one of the primary objectives of the Ministry of Tourism: It generates nonstop airlift from Europe and strengthens the base of airlift to The Islands Of The Bahamas (where 80% of airlift presently originates from North America). 
  2. It increases the market reach and market access of The Islands Of The Bahamas: It provides good connections from key tourist markets in Europe (like Zurich, Copenhagen, Rome, Berlin, Munich, Milan and Brussels).
  3. Creates the opportunity to achieve year ‘round nonstop service from Frankfurt, one of the top tourism gateways in Europe. 
  4. The increased demand will pave the way for new route development opportunities from Europe to The Islands Of The Bahamas.
  5. “Thru Fares” via and Interline Agreement between CONDOR and Bahamasair ensure that visitors would be able to visit Nassau/Paradise Island, Grand Bahama Island and the Family Island, thereby spreading the visitor spending throughout The Islands Of The Bahamas (Representatives of the Industry from Nassau/Paradise Island, Grand Bahama and the Out Islands are present today).


  • Honourable Frankie Campbell, M.P., Actg. Minister of Tourism & Aviation
  • Honourable Travis Robinson, M.P., Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Tourism
  • Mr. Charles Albury, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism
  • Mr. Rickey Mackey, M.P., Chairman – Nassau Flight Services
  • Mr. Milo Butler III, General Manager, Airport Authority
  • Ms. Vernice Walkine, CEO, Nassau Airport Development Company
  • Mr. Ricardo Rolle, General Manager, Nassau Flight Services
  • Mr. Carlton Russell, President – Bahamas Hotel & Tourism Association
  • Mr. Rembert Albury, Executive Vice President – Grand Bahama Island Promotion Board
  • Mr. Kerry Fountain, Executive Director – Bahama Out Islands Promotion Board
  • Mr. Tyrone Sawyer, Senior Director – Airlift Development, Ministry of Tourism

Event Flow for CONDOR Inaugural at LPIA:

  1. Honourable Minister, Parliamentary Secretary and Industry Partners and the Media to muster at LPIA by 4:30 p.m.
  2. CONDOR flight arrives at 5:05 p.m.
  3. Upon arrival, aircraft will receive a “Water Welcome” by the Airport Authority Fire Department
  4. Official Party would be positioned between Jet Way and Arrival Area, under the direction of NAD, to greet arriving passengers as they disembark the aircraft
  5. A welcome gift would be given to each arriving passenger.
  6. Honourable Minister, Parliamentary Secretary and other Industry Officials would be available to answer questions by the press afterwards.