Dive into The Islands of The Bahamas

Natural Beauty Lies Beneath the Waves

The Islands of The Bahamas offer some of the world’s best dive sites just 50 miles off the Florida Coast. From coral reefs and gardens to ship wrecks and maybe even sunken treasure, few places on Earth have a wider variety of diving opportunities awaiting both novice and experienced divers. Local guides lead divers to renowned sites and share Bahamian legends in the search for undersea adventure.


With 25 different diving destinations offering accessible drop-offs close to shore and visibility exceeding 200 ft. at some locations, The Islands of The Bahamas are a diver’s paradise.

  • Dive the Bimini Road, believed to be evidence of the Lost City of Atlantis
  • Explore the earth’s third largest barrier reef off the shores of Andros - which boasts the largest number of dive sites in the country
  • Visit the deepest recorded blue hole in The Bahamas at Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island – the island is also home to one of the oldest dive operations in the country
  • On Cat Island, view historical wreck sites like the Santa Maria Teresa, a 360-foot Spanish battleship sunk in 1898 during the Spanish American War; or visit Nassau to see the Tears of Allah, a wreck used as a movie set for a James Bond thriller

Colorful marine life can be found within inland blue holes, caves and forest-like coral reefs. Those looking for the excitement of dolphin diving will find The Bahamas offers many opportunities to interact with Flipper’s friends.   


The Bahamas Diving Association is the official dive association of The Bahamas. Members are required to have professional facilities, follow industry-standards for safety procedures, and have certified scuba instructors on staff. Dive operators and resorts throughout The Islands of The Bahamas offer packages ranging from instruction, lodging, and meals to solo launches for expert divers. Certification is required for all divers in The Bahamas, and vacationers will find a variety of easy and affordable options to learn across the islands.

Local dive shops have regularly scheduled dives and personal custom diving, and will offer precise directions to many dive sites to those who wish to explore on their own. However, some sites require guides for navigation, and local experts will know the best places to dive, the drop-offs, the safest places to drop an anchor and even the best times of day to dive.

Before taking the plunge, make sure you read up on some of the tips, regulations and frequently asked questions for diving in The Bahamas. Dive packages and deals are available all year round. To find out more, speak to one of the dive specialists at The Bahamas Dive Reservations Services, by calling 800.866.DIVE (3483).


With over 700 islands and cays, and 16 unique island destinations, The Bahamas lies just 55 miles off the coast of Florida offering an easy fly away escape that transports travelers away from their everyday. The Islands of The Bahamas have world-class fishing, diving, boating and thousands of miles of the earth’s most spectacular water and beaches waiting for families, couples and adventurers. Explore all the islands have to offer at www.bahamas.com or on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram to see why It’s Better in The Bahamas.

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Anita Johnson-Patty
General Manager, Global Communications
Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation

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