Food Network Strongly Considers an Event in The Bahamas

Following a successful weekend at the Food Network’s Concert at the Ravina in Chicago, Illinois, executives of the television network say they are “strongly” considering bringing an event to The Bahamas.

The Ministry of Tourism was a major sponsor at the event as The Islands of The Bahamas hosted the Hot, Hot, Hot Luncheon and also participated in the JcPenny Greatest Hits show.

The Hot, Hot, Hot luncheon was sold out as just over 300 people got a taste of Bahamian delights.

 At the luncheon, world-renowned Bahamian chef Simeon Hall Jr. prepared a spicy Bimini conch cake with aged goat pepper hot sauce, pickled tomatoes, curry yogurt sauce, micro celery and cilantro salad.

Bahamian Deejay Sapphire also brought patrons to their feet as they danced to Bahamian tunes.

Soon after getting rave reviews there, Chef Hall gave thousands of patrons a taste of old fashioned Bahamian peas and rice, which also was a winner with food lovers.

Food Network Account Manager Donna Falcone said the partnership with The Bahamas was an easy choice.

“The Bahamas has been in our magazine and it is reaching 1.5 million people,” she said.

“Bring an event like this in The Bahamas is something that has been spoken of before and I think we would love to participate.”

“It is something that we can seriously consider,” Food Network Account Director Maria Coyne added.

“The Bahamas has been such a strategic partner for us and has been running spreads in our magazine. When our readers look to travel, they look to come to The Bahamas. Just having the chef here live I think it is going to resonate with everyone here. They are all enjoying the food and I think those are the kind of people you want to come to The Bahamas not just Nassau but to get a real understanding of the depth of the product and the array of things that you can do in The Bahamas.”  

Events Manager Jennifer Gardiner also spoke to the partnership.

"This event was a great opportunity to show what we can do in culinary in The Bahamas. Food Network has always been a great partner and this is a chance for us to boost tourism, where we have lost some ground," she said.

Culinary Manager in the Ministry of Tourism DeAnne Gibson said she is excited for the possibilities coming out of the event.

“The president of Food Network came to the luncheon because it was such a draw. TV chef Sunny Anderson asked to meet with us and they both spoke about forging more partnerships,” she said.

“Sunny has an affiliation with Eleuthera and so she really wants to do something. She is southern soul food and we are Bahamian down home comfort food and so it is all in line in what we are interested in. Food Network – what a brand to partner with.

“This event has opened a door to the Chicago market and I know that Hot, Hot, Hot luncheon will be even better next year.”

Over 10,000 people attended the Food Network Concert at Ravina.

Media Contact: Kendea Smith,, 397-2786