On May 18th, in collaboration with the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, the swimming pigs were front and center at a beach party along southern France’s famous Riviera where Grand Isle Resort & Spa served as title sponsor. More than 650 VIPs were invited to a luxurious soiree filled with food, cocktails, Minuty Prestige Rosé and an intimate performance by the Gipsy Kings. 

For years, the swimming pigs have grown accustomed to the spotlight. From appearances in magazines, newspapers, television shows, and music videos, to the endless social media posts of celebrities and everyday tourists, the popularity of these animals seemed to have reached its climax.

That is, until the swimming pigs became the stars of their very own party at the Cannes Film Festival, the most prestigious event of its kind in the world. The event was intended to promote the release of a new full-length film on the worldwide phenomenon, “Pigs of Paradise,” a movie directed by Charlie Smith, of Earthbeat Films, and based on the award-winning book by T.R. Todd.

“This was indeed a special night to be featured in Cannes and rare opportunity for all of Exuma,” said Peter Nicholson, President and Founder of GIV Bahamas Inc, and the largest owner at Grand isle Resort. "We are very thankful to our partners and sponsors, especially the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, Steven Savor and Gregory von Hausch. It was a fairy tale kind of night for these swimming pigs, which have done so much to open people’s eyes to the amazing beauty of Exuma."

“The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival's Annual Cannes Soiree was the biggest ever,” said Von Hausch, the festival's executive director.

Hundreds of guests danced the night away to the iconic anthems of the Gipsy Kings, while also watching a special preview of Pigs of Paradise on a big screen. VIPs walked away with special bags containing exclusive gifts and offers at Grand Isle Resort, as well as copies of the book ‘Pigs of Paradise,’ with the author, T.R. Todd, on hand for a book signing.

The event was made possible by a global cast of supporters, including Steven Savor a well-known philanthropist in Fort Lauderdale, Claudette Pagano of One Exuma, Laurie Gordon of the Montreal Animaze Fest, Martin Petrov of World of Film International Festival of Glasgow, Scotland, Chateau Minuty of Gassin France, Constantine Champagne of Paris, and Nicola Torregrossa of the International OnLine Fest & Daniele Occhipinti of G.O.T.O., both of Palermo, Sicily.

These partners were joined by a long list of sponsors from Exuma, such as Title Sponsor Grand Isle Resort and 23 North Beach Club. Other sponsors included The Milo Group, Staniel Cay Yacht Club, Makers Air, Peace and Plenty Hotel and Beach Club, Lumina Point Resort, Impulse Yacht, Chateau Minuty Estate Wines, and Philautia.

"I have enjoyed and sponsored the Soirée over the years, but this one was made particularly special by our partnerships," said Savor, who is also the executive board member of Fort Lauderdale Film Festival. "We wish 'Pigs of Paradise' much success and look forward to visiting Grand Isle and the Exumas this summer."

 Meanwhile, Nicholson, who is also the executive producer of the film, continues to hold discussions with distributors seeking distribution of the new movie in North America, Europe and beyond.

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