Viewers across the globe will soon get a taste of life on the secluded yet beautiful Bahamian island of Inagua.

Inagua island, located in the southernmost Bahamas, is home to over 800,000 flamingos and is a paradise for birdwatchers.

The island is also home to three national parks, as well as one of three remaining kerosene-burning, hand-cranked lighthouses in The Bahamas.

James Curry and Jeff Aderman of Nikon’s Birding Adventures TV flew down to Inagua to film the first in a three episode series on the birds of The Bahamas.

The pair were doubly excited to meet the Inagua Woodstar, an endemic species of hummingbird only found in Inagua.

“I come from South Florida and it’s just so nice to travel such a short distance from Florida but yet see an entirely different suite of birds. We are talking about the Inagua Woodstar, which is the absolute highlight for me. I’ve never seen it and this is the only place on earth you can see that bird,” Curry said. “I think the episodes are going to be incredible. Everywhere you point a camera there is just something beautiful here.”

Inagua is home to over 150 different species of migratory birds and also has wild hogs and donkeys.

Whether the duo were filming White-tailed Tropicbirds on the coastline or White-cheeked Pintails in the mangrove swamps or the charismatic Inagua Woodstar at somebody’s house in Matthew Town, there was something amazing wherever they pointed a camera, Curry said.

Nikon’s Birding Adventures airs on Destination America on Fridays. The show has a reach of about 250,000 to 300,000 households every week and has been on the air for 10 years.

Aderman is no stranger to the Islands of The Bahamas.

“I’ve been to The Bahamas probably 100 times and most of the big islands, out islands all of the family islands. I feel like The Bahamas is my second home. So coming to Inagua and meeting cool people like Casper and all the tourism people has been a wonderful experience,” he said.

Assisting the men in their search was Bahamas National Trust (BNT) Inagua Park Warden Randolph “Casper” Burrows. Burrows, a certified advanced bird guide, took the men to see wild flamingos in the national park, among other species.

“I always love to show people my island, the birds and what we have to offer. When I heard we had a film crew coming down I was glad I got the opportunity to show them. We saw maybe a few hundred of the newly hatched flamingos. They are already making their way into the ecosystem,” Burrows said. “We had a very successful breeding year this year. We are really hoping and banking that the exposure we get will bring more birders down. One day the birding guides will be able to sustain a living off birding alone.”

Inagua has three advanced birding guides and one certified birding guide.

Burrows didn’t just show Aderman and Curry the amazing birds of Inagua, but also took the pair through Matthew Town to some of the best chefs in The Bahamas.

From mouthwatering local delicacies like boiled fish and chicken souse to cracked conch and fish fingers, Aderman and Curry were stuffed.

In their down time, the pair watched wild Bahama Parrots move through residential homes, fighting over territory.

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