A viral video is like a runaway train – once it gets started, not much stops it! And the Minister of Bahamas Tourism, the Honourable Dionisio D'Aguilar, couldn’t be happier that The Bahamas is the beautiful backdrop to a heart-tugging video that’s caught the world’s attention.

You may have already seen the moving video story of a daughter’s love and admiration for her father who had been sick since she was just five years old and how her surprise dream trip for him to The Bahamas 22 years later, brought them both not just happiness, but digital fame.

Devon Steeves contacted TripAdvisor about wanting to take her dad on the trip of a lifetime and they were so moved by the story they came on board as a sponsor. She then reached out to Nassau’s #1 rated resort on TripAdvisor, the Sandyport Beach Resort.

Vernon Moss, General Manager said “We were so moved by their story and the great love between father and daughter that we jumped on board with a complimentary stay. We have an amazing concierge team with all the insider’s knowledge to create the ultimate Bahamas Activities Bucket List. Devon picked her activities and we managed to pull off a few freebies for them.” 

On seeing the viral video, Tourism Minister, Dionisio D'Aguilar sent out a WhatsApp message country-wide in support of sharing the video, saying it’s a story worth sharing.

“This is a heart-warming story of a life-long love of a daughter for her sick and ailing father, and after 22 years, the trip she arranged to The Bahamas for them once he beat cancer. Their video has gone viral and I’m not surprised. A feel-good, true life video that speaks to the power of love and the joy and beauty in the adventures they shared in The Bahamas.”

Devon Steeves wrote in her Blog at https://www.wotwtravel.com/tripadvisor “I was only about five years old when my dad was diagnosed, and I knew that my life was never going to be the same. Over the period of 18 years, I watched my favourite person in the whole world battle through Hepatitis C, Liver Cirrhosis, Mental Illness, a Hip Surgery, Liver Cancer, and a Liver Transplant.

The hardest part of her life, Devon said, was around her 17th birthday when the cancer worsened and her father Bob was given six months to live.

“I never gave up hope, how could I?  That was my dad, and he needed me!”

A successful transplant led to recovery and in late 2017 Bob Steeves’ fight with Hep C was finally over!  2018 marked the beginning of a new lease on life and a few months later, a celebratory trip to The Bahamas.

People and companies who helped make this a reality are: ​- TripAdvisor,  Global Degree, Sandyport Beach Resort,  Regatta Point Resort, Stuart Cove's SUB Adventure, Paradise Ocean Sports,  Exuma Powerboat Adventures, Robert's Island Adventures, Chat n Chill,  Blue Sail Restaurant, Social House. You can follow the father and daughter on INSTAGRAM @WOTWTRAVEL.

Media Contact: Serena@serenawilliams-PR.com

Viral Video.   A video of a daughter’s love and devotion to her ailing father over  22 years battling life threatening ill-health and the happy ending that brought them to The Bahamas, has gone viral. Daughter Devon Steeves with her now fully recovered father, Bob Steeves, enjoying the trip of a lifetime on Nassau’s Sandyport Beach Resort gazebo. Photo:  Michael Graziano-Global Degree.