Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Opening Co-Brands With Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Popeyes Louisana Kitchen opened in eastern New Providence recently and officials are hoping to open more locations in the near future.

Minister of Tourism the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe endorsed the opening of the popular restaurant and said it in line with the Ministry of Tourism’s co-branding efforts as Popeyes Bahamas Bowl gets underway on December 24.

“When we discussed the possibility of Popeye’s opening we had an idea that more co-branding would take place. The Bahamas is co-branding as an international sporting destination whether golf, basketball or football, we could cause more visitors to come to our shores,” he said.

“This happens to be a part of how all this happened. We had already secured Popeyes as a sponsor for our bowl game and that is to bring top college football teams to play in The Bahamas and it turned out to be such a success.”

Popeyes Bahamas Bowl has caused The Bahamas to catapult into the spotlight.

It’s estimated that last year more than 11 million households viewed the game.

Clips from Popeyes Bahamas Bowl were played on 401 TV news segments and 1,587 articles were written about the game.

If that wasn’t enough, the game was mentioned in over 56,000 social media posts.

The game featured the Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers of Conference USA against the Central Michigan Chippewas of the Mid-American.

In the end, the Hilltoppers won the game 49-48.

Chris Tsavoussis, the franchise holder of Popeyes also is the franchise holder for Wendy’s and Marco’s Pizza.

He said he was happy to bring the brand to The Bahamas.

“We really like the brand. We love the chicken and we felt that it would be relevant for this time. When the bowl game got started, we knew some of the leaderships of Popeyes and we felt that it would really be a good fit for The Bahamas,” Mr. Tsavoussis said.

There are 100 Bahamians working at Popeyes.

“We believe in giving back and trying to create opportunities. Our goal is to build this brand and those employees will be general managers at other stores. We will grow the brand. We have a number of spots we are looking at. We want to do better at the next go round,” Mr. Tsavoussis said.    

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