Eighty-five square dancers circled left and right with their partners as they danced in Rawson Square on Thursday morning during a square dance exhibition.

Square Dancing Cruisers, a square dance group from Texas and Oklahoma displayed their love for their hobby as they pranced and boogied during a demonstration in Rawson Square.

Bobby Willis, square dance caller said the exhibition in Rawson Square was the first time the group has performed anywhere outside of the US.

“This is really great, this right now is the first time we’ve been able to get with a country or organisation outside the US that has allowed us to graciously come in like this and do something on their property, on their home soil so this is just outstanding. We are just beside ourselves being able to do this right here,” Willis said.

Ninety-seven dancers sailed to The Bahamas but only 85 participated in the demonstration including three callers, who are solely responsible for prompting dance figures.

Willis said the idea to perform in The Bahamas had come from his tour guide, Jay but it was a great decision.

“We came here earlier this year to see what The Bahamas had to offer for our group and we met up with our tour guide, Jay who was awesome. He took us and showed us a lot of the activities on the island, a lot of the sights and we decided it would be a great place to bring our group back to share the experience with. Jay also gave us the idea of being able to square dance in the historic Rawson Square and through the Ministry of Tourism, we were able to put this together,” he said.

Once a year, the group unites to cruise to different locations. Every three years, they decide on a place to perform. In the rotation, three years from now it is their hope that they can perform again in The Bahamas but in a different location. 

Chris and Carolyn Mills a square dancing couple from Grapevine Texas that began dancing seven years ago are excited they accepted the opportunity.

“We had an opportunity to square dance in The Bahamas and we had never been so we thought it would be fun and we love it. We will back but with our families,” Chris said.

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