Sun n Fun’s CEO to Lead Fly Out Into Grand Bahama And Eleuthera June 4-8, 2015

Some thirteen persons made up of executives, pilots and flying enthusiasts in six aircrafts are expected to participate in the upcoming ‘Fly Out ‘ into Grand Bahama Island and Eleuthera, June 4-8, 2015. 

The professionally guided caravan will be led by Captain John “Lites” Leenhouts, Sun n Fun’s President and Chief Executive Officer who is also a Flying Ambassador for The Bahamas.

The Fly Out is part of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism’s (MOT) Flying Ambassador Program and its ongoing relationship with Sun n Fun organization, which spans more than ten years.    Plans are also underway to hold the first Sun N Fun Bahamas Airshow and Exhibition in Freeport, Grand Bahama in April 2016 as part of this agreement. 

Captain Leenhouts said he is “thrilled to partner in a very meaningful fashion with the Islands of the Bahamas by planning, promoting and executing this 6 plane fly-out to North Eleuthera and Grand Bahama.  This will be the third annual Bahamas Fly Out that we have done to expose the general aviation community to the simplicity of flying to and from The Bahamas and the fun that can be enjoyed in the islands”.

According to Greg Rolle, certified pilot and Director of Sports Tourism, MOT, “the Islands of The Bahamas has benefited economically from the Fly Outs, which naturally attracts, persons with a higher disposable income, wishing to fly their private light sport and experimental aircrafts into our smaller airports”. 

“The Bahamas has also seen substantial growth in airplane arrivals since the light sport aircraft commenced flying into The Bahamas with 18 planes in December 2010.  Since then, hundreds of aircrafts have participated in the Fly Out program, with as many as seventy aircrafts participating per Fly Outs,” he said.

The Bahamas Flying Ambassadors program is designed to increase pilots’ participation into The Islands Of The Bahamas and targets seasoned pilots with extensive experience to lead The Bahamas Fly Outs.  For more information on aviation and Fly Outs to The Bahamas, pilots can visit   

Media Contact: D. Earnestine Moxyz | Bahamas Ministry of Tourism | | 954-236-9292