A recent familiarization trip for journalists has brought Latin America even closer to The Islands Of The Bahamas.

Recently, several media personalities from Colombia, Peru and Panama visited Nassau and Paradise Island to get a taste of Bahamian culture to share with their respective countries.

General Manager of Multi Destinations in the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Giovanni Grant said the reason behind this outreach is that Latin America continues to be a huge market for The Islands Of The Bahamas.

“Latin America is hugely important to The Bahamas because when Latin Americans come they stay longer; they spend a lot more and they go into the local community.  So they come downtown; they shop for luxury goods and food is huge for the Latin Americans,” he said.

While in Nassau, the media personalities visited the forts, the Queen Staircase, Educulture, Graycliff, restaurants and immersed themselves in other cultural experiences.

But this is not all the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is doing to lure Latin Americans, as it also has a partnership with Copa Airlines.

“Copa Airlines has four flights per week –Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from Panama City non-stop to Nassau. What that does is connect all of Latin America, which is their hub and they fly to Nassau. The population of Brazil and Mexico exceeds the population of the United States so this is a huge market that we have had a relationship with and Copa Airlines is that partner to do it,” Mr. Grant said. 

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is also marketing with Copa Airlines in Argentina, Brazil and Panama.

“We are doing online, newspapers, magazines, and cinema. We are going back into the market with new vigor to let everyone in Latin America know we are here and we are here to stay. We want the journalists to take home the message that The Bahamas is open for business. We have new products to offer, new experiences. The Bahamas is still a sexy destination. Everyone wants to come to us and it’s an exciting time to come to the destination,” Mr. Stuart said.

And language barriers are not an issue as there are tour operators to help Latin Americans navigate through The Bahamas.

Clint Sawyer, a tour operator of Bahamas Tours en Español, whose clients are 80 percent Latin American, said he was happy to show off the beauty of the country.

“For me, it’s important to show them the true Bahamian experience,” he said. “I want them to see Bahamian culture, to see how the Bahamian people are. I want them to come again and again and tell others to come as well.”   

Dani Dini, an Argentinian social media influencer, said she can’t wait to share the news about The Bahamas. 

“This is an amazing place. I’m amazed at this conch salad and conch fritters and the drinks. It is like a very vibrant and funny place. You can feel the energy and you just lounge in Nassau. I don’t want to leave,” she said.

Dini has a blogger with 30,000 followers and is also impressed by the proximity of The Bahamas.

“It’s very easy to come here and it is definitely worth coming here because of the climate and the people, landscapes and amazing beaches. We don’t have anything like it in South America,” she said.

“I’m trying to communicate in real time the experience that we are having. The food that we are eating, what we are experiencing — the city, the island and all they can do here.”                

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Writer Credit: Kendea Smith

Photo Credit: Kemuel Stubbs 

Caption: Latin American journalists and media influencers pose with Ministry of Tourism officials.