Tourism officials are planning to visit a number of Family Islands to hold the workshop ‘Tourist Money Never Done’ after the inaugural event at the British Colonial Hilton on September 13 -14, was oversubscribed.

The event was developed by the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation in conjunction with the Bahamas Development Bank and Patrick Rahming & Associates to assist budding tourism entrepreneurs and stakeholders in brainstorming ideas for new products in the country’s number one sector.

Director of Business Development in the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, Janet Johnson said she was overwhelmed with the reaction to the seminar.

“We are very, very pleased with the first Tourist Money Never Done workshop and listening to the participants  - they are very excited to be here and learn about a new dynamic of the product. And so, we are very pleased that this is the reaction and that they are hungry for a new direction and we are happy to be able to help,” she said.

Ms. Johnson said the workshop has catapulted the unveiling of the Tourism Development Board within the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation.

“I’m delighted that this is now coming to fruition and that we are able to work with entrepreneurs and get them to see what the opportunities are and that we are taking them to the people,” she said.

The event was the brainchild of Patrick Rahming, author of the book ‘Tourist Money Never Done’. 

He said that he was also pleased that many entrepreneurs attended the event.

“I’m hoping that a fresh approach to tourism will create more opportunities for Bahamians and more product for the tourism industry,” Mr. Rahming said.

“There’s an opportunity for 50 times more product. From what I have heard, we have a bunch of creative people and I’m pretty sure that there is going to be an explosion of ideas after this conference.”

Some participants were also excited about their ideas following the conference.

Shiobahn Knowles said she attended to understand the country’s tourism product, but gained so much more.

“I wanted to hear new information and find out how I would take this information and turn it into dollars and cents. I’ve been brainwashed and everything that I thought is totally the opposite and now I have to rethink how do I make the best out of this product that we have,” she said.

Brandon Kemp of Searock Mobile Apps said he was pleased with the workshop.

“I’ve always believed that tourism is the biggest industry that allows growth and redevelopment and so for me I gained inspiration. I am so glad that there are like-minded people who want to grow tourism as well,” he said.  

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