Long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and dinners & movies are all quality ways to spend time with your SO. I'd like to think there can be a bit more to date night though.

When it comes to romance, I'm not easily impressed. I like to do things I've never done before, and create new memories every time. When it was suggested that I try the sunset cruise, admittedly I was hesitant—I've seen a Bahamian sunset. It's not new to me, how many times can one person watch a sunset right? So wrong.

Before the cruise, I was told that watching a sunset is what you make it. Although I rolled my eyes, I opened my heart and prepared my mind for the unexpected.

We tend to feel like once we’ve seen something, there’s no need to see it again. The thing with beauty is that different perspectives change everything. It’s the same with the Nassau Harbour. Seeing it so often, we tend to take its beauty for granted, and that’s exactly why the sunset cruise should be on top of your to-do list in The Bahamas.

In the middle of the harbour, I was surrounded by other guests, but my SO and I might as well have been alone. It was such an intimate setting. The cruise forces you to slow down, embrace nature, and appreciate the quiet time you have with your partner—something we all desperately need after a hectic week of work.

In the city that never seems to sleep, sailing with Seahorse Sailing made me see Nassau in a different light——a beautiful and indescribable light that reminded me that with every sunset comes the promise of a new day.

Take the night off, grab your partner and remember that every sunset is an opportunity to reset.