The location of The Bae Restaurant and Bar was initially our family’s fishing spot on the marls of Bustic Bight. We caught barracuda and blue crabs in the waters right out front and fried them up on weekends. Matriarch, Gardenia Fox, began inviting friends that had never tried Fried Blue Crabs to join us when there wasn't even a structure built on the property yet. We used a custom-welded two burner gas stove made from an old gas tank, where she’d fry fish in a cast iron skillet on one side and banana fritters on the other side.

Fast forward four years and we’re now ready to go mainstream. A new bar and deck is positioned over the waters of Bustic Bight to capture the attention of both locals and tourists. The bar boasts views of the most beautiful sunsets in The Bahamas, overlooking the flat calm marls on a light day and colors painted by God himself in the sky. We’re a seafood spot, that’s unmistakable, and our identity although fluid in its culinary construct, still hinges on procuring and serving up the freshest caught Barracuda, Conch, Grouper, Lobster, Shellfish, and Snapper possible. We offer innovative dishes and the favorites we started with and still serve up the same way today!

We’re open for lunch and dinner every day, except Monday. On Tuesday through Friday, we prepare a lunch special from whatever is the freshest caught that day or the day before; on Sundays we have a dinner special.

  • Food ($5-$20)
  • Water Sports ($10-$30)
  • Wedding Bookings ($400-$750)
Bustic Bight
S.C. Bootle Highway
Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco
Contact Information:
Mr. Bradley R. Fox
(242) 367-6272
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