Bahamas Private Boat Adventures
Bahamas Private Boat Adventures offers private-group powerboat outings in the area around Nassau Bahamas (within ~ 75-mile radius, max 12 people).
Client-groups can select from established itineraries or they can contact us and together we’ll build a custom itinerary that’s specific to the client group's interests. Visit for further details, or email us at Enjoy an unforgettable adventure on the ocean, gorgeous turquoise waters, great sightseeing, relax on remote beaches and islands, enjoy great snorkeling and see awesome wildlife! Get to those places that can only be accessed by boat. Travel in style on a high-power centered console powerboat. Get there fast and enjoy your day out on the water. Create memories of a lifetime!

Half-Day: $116 per person
Full-Day: $275 per person
Assumes groups of 12

12B Anchorage Palm Cay, Yamacraw Hill Road
PO Box SS 5382
Nassau New Providence
Contact Information:
Tina Walsh
1 (613) 286-8440 (WhatsApp)
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Rates are subject to change at any given time and The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, or The Government of The Bahamas, will not be held liable for any decisions made based upon it.