Hida is not “The Big Bus”. She has chosen to remain small and completely personal to provide you with her undivided attention. She wants to share the beauty of her islands with all those persons she comes in contact with, building special relationships and friendships.

Hida is a fully certified and accredited Bahamahost fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Her experience in travel has helped her to formulate interesting, educational as well as entertaining day trips for her clients.


$75-$150 per person

Native Son Experience- Price Upon Request

East Mall Drive
Contact Information:
Hida T. Ingraham
(242) 727-6506
(242) 374-1904
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Rates are subject to change at any given time and The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, or The Government of The Bahamas, will not be held liable for any decisions made based upon it.