Bahamas Wedding Photography

Keen i Media can capture your very special day in a very special way. We provide both still photography and wedding videography services, and our team brings together more than 20 years of experience. Our style is not your typical wedding format. Some people call this a photo journalistic style but that sounds like boring, old news coverage. We take the time to focus on the event, the experience, and the personalities of the people that make your wedding so special. Ours is a style which aims to capture as much of your day in as candid and personal a way as possible,with a sensitive combination of posed and spontaneous photos,so that your entire wedding day experience shines through. Our unique approach is truly suitable for every wedding setting. Whether you are planning your ceremony on a powdery sand beach, in a garden gazebo, 30 ft underwater in the company of dolphins, at an intimate chapel or in a traditional church sanctuary we can capture the beauty of your day within its unique setting. We serve every island in The Bahamas.

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