A Giant Milkweed Plant, showing flowers and seed pods.

Mrs. Hanna-Lawrence has been a Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Bahamas National Trust Certified Bahamas Birding Tour Guide for almost 20 years. She offers Birdwatching and Nature Tours by appointment only and will provide pick up and delivery from your point of origin. She frequents mainly the southern area of New Providence, home to species like the white pintail duck and red-legged thrush in season.

She has also done extensive study on the identification of plants and medicinal uses of plants like bay geranium and Peltaphorum, to name a few. On a tour with her, she will name the plants found along the way, give details on their use for treating ailments, how to prepare them for medicinal purposes, how much to use, and where the "medicine" should be applied. You'll also get to taste some endemic and exotic fruits, like guineps and the Otaheite Apple, found in her orchard and those of some fellow plant lovers.

The image above is a giant flowering Milkweed Plant in her garden, showing seed pods and dried seeds. You can see them in all their glory year round.


A three-hour tour cost $50 for one person and $25 for each additional person, to a maximum of four.

Nassau Nassau & Paradise Island
Contact Information:
(242) 324-2274
(242) 428-2150
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