Witness one of the wonders of Grand Bahama Island!This pond has been traditionally referred to as The Spring, a body of fresh water that is believed to be connected to the ocean (approximately 1,000 feet away), by an underground vein or cavern. It is believed that this reservoir of fresh water (crescent in shape with an approximate overall dimension of 97' x 40') is the result of a natural filtration process where salt water is filtered through the earth and rocks and eventually becomes fresh water. In the past, this pool served as an unlimited source of cool drinking water for inhabitants of the settlements (towns) in this area and their visitors. Inland pools, such as the Mermaid Hole, are a testament to the cavernous geology of The Islands of The Bahamas. The pool is actually filled by the water running throughout Grand Bahama Island, which continues to flow if there is no obstruction. You can see water in the hole moving one hour before high tide and the blowing comes one hour before low tide. Residents believe that mermaids inhabit caverns throughout the island and once lived in ponds like this. If you are lucky, every now and then you might see a mermaid come to the surface.The spring is surrounded by a variety of native fruit trees including Custard Apple, Sea Grape, Almond, Guana Berry, Coco Plum and Guava. Also around the edge of the water are patches of some rare leather-back-like ferns. It is bordered with a hard limestone formation, spotted in some areas with algae and moss, which contribute to the lime-green color of the water. However, if you fill a glass with water from the pond, it will be crystal clear.

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