Photo of Coconut craft

The multi-talented Rosa Bastian uses a variety of found items, such as dried coconuts, fish scales, pine cones and shells to create unusual handicrafts that depict her homeland. They will make the memories of your visit to Mangrove Cay remain long after the sand is out of your shoes. Her collection includes: Dolls made from Andros leather (coconut fiber), Androsia items (local Batik fabric), Straw bags, travel cases, clutches, wallets, place mats, fish scale jewelry, shell headbands, floral arrangements, beaded necklaces, and pine cone wall plaques.

Every visitor to Pink Rose is treated with a cultural and historical in-house tour by Ms. Bastian, who explains the origins of local customs, including uses for sponges and sisal plants. You are also likely to get a free souvenir, such as a drawstring purse made from local Androsia Batik fabric or a locally-harvested sponge.

Hours of Operation: open daily (except Saturday) 7:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. Saturday hours by appointment only.

Queen's Highway
Little Harbour, Mangrove Cay
Contact Information:
Ms. Rosa Bastian
(242) 369-0366
(242) 369-0829
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