The slaves had to hand cut trenches through the salt pond canals so that salt water flowed from the Atlantic side into the canals to make salt.     The canals are called Dr. Dubass and Chantry. It is called the Chantry pond because only by chance it would make salt!
Salt is made by the lack of water.


Sailboats came all the way from England and Scotland to bring supplies into the Clarence Town Harbor. Whenever there were no supplies to bring, the boats would be loaded down with pebbles for ballast, so that the boat did not sink. Some of the pebbles were gold bars.


The people of Long Island raked salt and stocked up in sacks provided by the boats and then toted them to the harbor on a horse and buggy. After the salt was stacked on the boats, the pebbles would be thrown overboard. Everyone came to work for pennies, which was worth 2-3 cents per day.







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