Thank you for your interest in being listed on The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation’s official website. The Ministry of Tourism & Aviation is delighted to assist local entrepreneurs to achieve their goals in the industry. To get the process started, we would need the following information from you.  

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Is your business related to any of these "Things To Do" categories? Please select all that apply.
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Images that describe the nature of your business rather than company logos or flyers are preferred so that the overall branding remains consistent.

Please provide copies of the following supporting business documents:

  • Business License Compliance
  •  VAT & National Insurance Compliance
  •  Adequate Liability Insurance.

Please upload a copy of your BahamaHost CORE certificate. Please note that tour guides are also required to have the BahamaHost Professional Tour Guide Certification.

The BahamaHost program is a certified course designed to establish a culture of service excellence and professionalism which ultimately results in delightful guest experiences, repeat business and global recognition. This program is a training initiative designed to improve the efficiency of organizations and service professionals in the tourism sector.​ To learn about the BahamaHost program, click here.  

What happens next? 

Once this information is submitted, your listing request will go through an internal vetting process, during which a member of The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation's (BMOTA) Digital Media team will communicate with you to confirm receipt of your submission and keep you updated about it's reviewing progress. 
Before final approval is granted, your experience would also require sampling by the BMOTA where written feedback would be provided. This involves having an official BMOTA representative visiting your business establishment for familiarization purposes.