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Bahamas Law Enforcement Games LogoLaw enforcement was called into The Bahamas in 1718 to flush out the pirates from Nassau, restoring law and order and building Fort Nassau. The former privateer Woodes Rogers who headed this command was named the first Royal Governor of The Islands Of The Bahamas, then a crown colony of Great Britain.

2013, Two hundred and ninety five years later, Nassau has become a thriving, prime tourist destination and home to many native and international families. Law Police officers playing basketballenforcement plays a vital role in maintaining the safety, protection and well being  for residents and visitors alike.  April 24th-28th welcomes International law enforcement to Nassau and Paradise Island to compete in the Bahamas Law Enforcement Sports Challenge. Click here for more information and to register or you can contact the event organizer Shawn Thomas at

 Video of last year's event...   

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