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From the Cruise Ship to the ‘Gram: Instagram Worthy Hot Spots in Downtown Nassau


You’ve got one more reason to add The Bahamas to your vacation bucket list! We’ve recently snagged a #2 spot on Seahub.com’s most insta worthy vacation destination and yep, we’re pretty thrilled about it! In our “From Cruise ship to the ‘Gram” series, our first stop is Nassau, Bahamas. Welcome to our little piece of paradise! Ditch your regular itinerary and dive into our super social savvy itinerary with the most Instagram worthy places you’ve got to visit. Ready…set…Instagram!

The first stop on our list is a yummy one, Lukka Kairi restaurant. It’s a must see and the delicious food is a HUGE bonus. This swanky restaurant takes staples in Bahamian cuisine and creates a unique flair that’s beyond impressive. We’re not kidding, it’s amazing! Lukka Kairi is committed to providing you with a sensational experience with divine cuisine, live Bahamian music and colorful décor that’s inspired by the history of the Bahamas. It’s the picture perfect addition to your Instagram feed!

Insta worthy factor: We love that the history of the Bahamas is captured beautifully in an extensive mural that runs almost the length of the restaurant. So intricate and hand painted, it’s a work of art that’s totally photo worthy! Find out more about this scrumptious spot here: www.lukkakairi.com

…and we’re walking right into our next Instagrammable spot- Graycliff Restaurant and hotel. There’s something absolutely beautiful and fascinating about this colonial mansion that’s undeniable. This historical location perfectly blends the allure of vintage décor and modern romance making Graycliff certified insta-worthy! Originally built in 1740, the team at Graycliff has successfully maintained the aura and elegance of the rich, luxurious history of this hotel. From cigar rolling to simply unwinding; it’s one of our favorite spots for fine dining, wine tasting, and did we mention there’s a chocolate factory? You can thank us later! It’s all the details and you can find it all here: http://www.graycliff.com/

Insta worthy factor: Can you say picture perfect?! Being surrounded by lush tropical gardens, and diving into a pool that’s refreshing and gorgeous, you can’t help but whip out the camera to capture every inch of this hotel that oozes vintage couture. Grab a selfie and a cocktail, this place rocks!

Imagine a place that’s a kaleidoscope of vibrant color, vivacious personalities coupled with hand crafted Bahamian goodies and that’s where you’ll find our very own Straw Market. It’s your one-stop spot for Bahamian souvenirs and so much more, but you will be amazed at this little hub of culture that nestled within downtown Nassau. With Isles and isles of intricate trinkets, vendors hand stitching straw and carving wood; the straw market is a melting pot of potential insta-worthy moments just waiting to be captured. The Straw Market is one of the oldest industries in the Bahamas and it’s incredible to see it continue to strive. You will fall in love with this contemporary time capsule, and your followers will too!

Insta worthy factor: Capturing a piece of culture of your vacation destination is always a win! We can’t brag enough about the colors and detailing that’s authentically Bahamian and found in the Straw Market. Be sure to check out #StrawMarket on Instagram to see why we’re in love! You’re just a click away from more: https://www.bahamas.com/vendor/straw-market-1

Let’s head over to the Queens Staircase, also known as the 66 steps. This major historical site is also one of the most beautiful and serene. Enchanting is our favorite word to describe this landmark, there’s a silent strength that encompasses this site and you feel it the moment you set eyes on it. The Queens staircase was hand carved by slaves in the in the late 1700s and was named in honor of Queen Victoria and her reign. There’s no such thing as a bad photo at this location, pinky swear! It’s the quintessential Instagram post, a stunning location with a fascinating story. #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner

Insta worthy factor: The Queens staircase transports you from the hustle and bustle of downtown Nassau to a magical location that takes your breath away. This spot is immersed with character and textures, the foundation for the perfect Instagram photo! Want to learn more about the Queens Staircase? We’ve got you covered: https://www.bahamas.com/vendor/queens-staircase-0

What’s a list of Instagram worthy hot spots without including the beach? You simply can’t leave without paying a visit to Junkanoo Beach. Just a short, 20 minute walk from the cruise port, it’s the perfect place to unwind with a view to match. This small, but stunning beach spot offers some potential awe inspiring images that’s bound to make your Instagram followers green with envy and for good reason; it’s hard to go wrong with powdered white sands and crystal clear waters that go on for miles! After you captured that insta-perfect shot, be sure to grab a refreshing drink from local vendors while you take a moment to relax. Instagramming is tough work, but with 360 degrees of perfect angles you’re going to look like a pro!

Insta worthy factor: Let’s do the math, it’s pretty easy; a gorgeous beach in paradise with wifi and yummy cocktails, seriously, how can you go wrong?! #ItsBetterInTheBahamas. Don’t just take our word for it, take a deeper dive at Junkanoo Beach here: https://www.bahamas.com/vendor/junkanoo-beach

Whether you prefer featuring people, scenery, or creative artsy shots, downtown Nassau has got you covered for all three.  Grab those cameras and do it for the ‘gram! We’d love to hear from you! Have you visited Downtown Nassau and you’ve discovered some Insta- worthy spots that we haven’t mentioned here? Share them with us!

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From amazing beaches to cuisine to simply die for, check out these awesome hot spots throughout the Bahamas that’s sure to create some Insta-envy!