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Peteché and Nick's Bahamian Dream Wedding

North Eleuthera

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You're in for a treat as we delve into the whirlwind of planning Peteche's and Nick’s dream wedding right at home in The Bahamas! Think of it as a chaotic yet utterly enchanting journey, filled with more twists and turns than a Bahamian Junkanoo parade. So, grab your fanciest Bahama Mama and prepare to be dazzled by the delightful tale of how Peteche transformed her wedding dreams into reality!



Rissie Demeritte (RD): Tell me all about the wild and wonderful adventure of planning your dream wedding at home!


Peteche: Hectic, chaotic, anxiety-inducing, pearl-clenching and quite expensive.  We have a wealth of creative talent and choices in The Bahamas and boy, does the wedding industry capitalize on it. Experts will make your dreams come true but very early into the planning process, you realize you have to choose which dreams will come to reality. We knew our wedding date about a year and a quarter prior, but most of the planning, sourcing and finalization took place in the two-month period leading up to the big day. That said, we had the wedding of our dreams, and I am almost positive there is nowhere else in the world that would have been able to execute to the standard of our vendors.  

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RD: Spill the tea on your wedding venue! Where did you choose to say "I do," and what made that spot absolutely perfect for your big day?


Peteche: Our wedding ceremony was a traditional Anglican Mass at Christ Church Cathedral in Nassau followed by a not-so-traditional wedding weekend in full #theinternationals style.  We left the church and headed straight to the airport with 150 of our guests to board a Bahamasair flight to North Eleuthera.  We held an all-white party and our formal wedding reception at The Other Side in North Eleuthera and a Sunday Brunch at The Rockhouse Hotel and Resort in Harbour Island. All locations held sentimental value for us and represented loved ones who have passed (Christ Church was Nicholas' maternal grandmother's church and my father was the Member of Parliament for North Eleuthera). North Eleuthera and Harbour Island are also the best places for a weekend getaway and the best introduction to quaint, quintessential island life and Bahamian culture for our out of town guests. 

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RD: Bahamian culture is all about family, right? So, when you tied the knot, did your family bring some extra magic to the mix? Like, any super special moments or traditions that made your wedding day feel like a Bahamian fairy tale?


Peteche: Not only did our wedding turn into a weekend affair, but there were tons of events leading up to it. An enchanting engagement party at Old Fort Bay, two bridal showers (one of which clashed with my bachelorette weekend - eek), and the most intimate and whimsical rehearsal dinner at the Balmoral Club. Nicholas and I are both only children and our mothers, Cheryl and Celeste made us (and the world know) how happy and proud they were! For the day itself, my mother and step-father walking me down the aisle is a moment I will always cherish (and the New York wedding dress trips were an extra plus). We are endlessly grateful for the sacrifices made by our families to make the start of our union so special.  


RD: Out of anywhere in the world that you could have been married, why was The Bahamas your preferred choice?


Peteche: Because no matter where we may roam there is no place like home!


And just like that, folks, Peteche's wedding saga unfolds like a whimsical love story spun from the threads of chaos and creativity. From the majestic setting of Christ Church Cathedral to the dreamy allure of The Other Side, every moment was a celebration of love, culture, and the unparalleled beauty of The Bahamas. So, let's raise a toast to love, togetherness and the timeless magic of home sweet home!

Learn more about the stunning island of Eleuthera here: https://www.bahamas.com/islands/eleuthera-harbour-island

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