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Gully Wash At Home!
Recreating A Bahamian Staple….


If you have ever visited any Bahamian island, you would have undoubtedly seen Gully Wash (also commonly called Sky Juice) on many cocktail menus. And, if you have ever tried it, you may have fallen in love. This classic cocktail usually includes Gin, Sweet Milk (aka sweetened condensed milk) and fresh coconut water. 

The origins of the drink’s name and who invented it are debatable. Some say it’s called Sky Juice due to its color, while others say it’s because you had to climb up high into the sky to get the coconuts for the drink. But, either way, it’s pretty safe to assume that the inventors used the abundance of fresh coconut water, whatever affordable alcohol they could find, and easily accessible and long lasting sweet milk to create magic.

If you tried this sweet, creamy, and delicious cocktail while on vacation, and want to recreate it at home, give this recipe a shot. Like all drink recipes, feel free to take these guidelines, tweak them, and make them your own. Also, always remember to drink responsibly.

A Classic Gully Wash (Aka Sky Juice)

3/4c Gin (feel free to choose your favorite brand)

1c Fresh Coconut Water 

1/2c Sweet Milk (aka Sweetened Condensed Milk)


Toasted sweetened coconut or a dash of fresh nutmeg for garnish (optional)


You can adjust the amount of gin & sweet milk to your preference. 

Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker. 

Shake for a minute or until ingredients are well blended.

Serve over ice.

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