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How to plan the most romantic surprise destination proposal

Step 1: Choose your spot

There are endless possibilities with this one, so, personal preference is key here. Think beautiful beaches, gorgeous national parks, off the beaten path picnic spots or even a yacht sailing the idyllic waters of the islands. The possibilities for romantic proposals are endless and this step is really hard to mess up, because there is so much beauty everywhere. 

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Step 2: Do the groundwork

Most girls have been dreaming about their wedding for years, but don’t think that she hasn’t been dreaming about how you'll pop the question. Most wedding planning is done by the bride, so, the proposal is an opportunity for the groom-to-be to step up, be creative and show he is willing to go the extra mile for the one he loves. No pressure though (wink)!  If you’re going all the way out of the country to pop the question, it is extremely important that you know what your significant other is thinking and dreaming about. This step means you do all the research: talk to her best friends; try to get access to her Pinterest board, and talk to her parents to find out if she has mentioned anything to them. You can also casually ask a few questions about proposals while watching a movie together. Once you have some ideas, write them down. This is essential before going to the next step!

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Step 3: Hire a team

Now that you’ve done the research and know exactly what your girl’s proposal dreams are, it’s time to set them in motion by hiring a team to make your vision come to life. It can be more challenging to get all the perfect details in place while still in your own country and planning from a distance, so, calling in the expert will give you assurance that everything will go perfectly. Talk to your hotel or resort concierge; sometimes they have a team that focuses specifically on planning the best and most romantic proposals. If you’re choosing to stay at an Airbnb or apartment, search the web or social media to find some of the best event and wedding planners on the island. They, too, will be more than happy to make you and your future fiancé’s proposal dreams come true. 

Step 4: Make it memorable 

One of the most important parts of planning a memorable proposal is making sure that when all the elements come together, that your better half is blown away. This is why step 2 is so crucial; when you’ve done the groundwork on what she wants and has been dreaming of, you can set your plan in motion. What will be the story you tell her in order to lure her to that romantic beach picnic? Will you plan a walk on the beach at sunset, or a private dinner on a luxurious yacht just for the two of you? Are you writing a poem to express your love or are you going to leave little notes throughout the day to hint to the plans you have coming up? Whatever plan you think of, make sure it is something she will never, ever forget!

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Step 5: Capture the moment

Rule number one of a surprise? Make sure you capture it! Whether you choose to ask a friend or a hotel clerk to help out, or, you choose to solidify the moment with professional photos, make sure that after you leave and go back home, you have some gorgeous images to remind you of this big event! Nassau boasts some of the top photographers in the country, and one of them will be more than happy to help you capture the memory when she says YES!

Good luck!