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Let's get intimate: Why smaller destination weddings are THE trend of 2020

Save some cash

Although it would be great to have that aunt or cousin there whom you haven’t seen in ten years (insert emoji of choice), each person on your list will require you to spend some cash. Depending on the venue and the time of day you choose to get married, a plate per person can cost between $50-$75+, which can easily rank up a huge bill. Not to mention wedding favors, cake and drinks. An intimate wedding means you can do one of two things: save some money and use it towards your honeymoon, or spoil your guests a little more than usual, which brings me to the next point. 

Go all out

Your guests are strapping on their masks and flying to paradise to watch you say ”I do” to the love of your life. That’s a big deal! With a smaller guest list, you can go a bit more elaborate and treat your guests like royalty for a few days. Give your guests the option of choosing the surf and turf reception dinner instead of the chicken or pay for an extraordinary beach bonfire to welcome guests once everyone has arrived. Part of your wedding week can also be a once in a lifetime excursion like swimming with the famous pigs or going for an epic dive to see Nassau’s underwater sculptures.

Photo credit Christina Ysaguirre Photography

More gorgeous venues to choose from

The Bahamas has a great selection of extraordinary venues, but not every venue fits every wedding size. Some of Nassau’s and the Family Islands’ more exclusive boutique hotels can only hold a certain number of guests. Larger weddings are usually limited to wedding venues with a larger capacity. The more intimate the wedding, the more venue choices you have to make your wedding everything you’ve ever dreamt it to be. 

Less planning, more relaxing

Spending time in paradise should be all about relaxing your worries away, and we all know wedding planning can get crazy stressful sometimes. With your closest family and friends by your side, not only do you have a great support system close by, but there is a smaller group of people to manage and please. This might help tremendously in taking off some pressure of your wedding day being perfect or having to impress your guests too much. Besides, we promise they will be quite impressed just by being surrounded by all the beauty and adventure The Bahamas has to offer!

Photo credit Christina Ysaguirre Photography

Enjoy more of your wedding day/week

Everyone will tell you: “Enjoy every second, because the day will fly by.” We know this to be 100% true, especially if you have a large group of people you have to greet and thank on your big day. Between bridal portraits, the first dance, the cake cutting and all the speeches, there might not be much time to actually soak in your brand-new husband or wife! Having a smaller group of the people closest to you there will help reduce the time spent walking around greeting guests. Better yet, with a destination wedding and maybe even honeymoon, you can always choose to do a ”morning after brunch,” to say your last ”thank yous” to guests who might not be staying many days after the wedding is over. And of course, before you retreat as Mr. & Mrs. 

So, is it time for you to cut that list in half (or maybe three quarters)? Follow the wedding trend of the year and go intimate: your wallet and guests will thank you