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Say cheese! 6 tips from a top Bahamian Wedding Photographer
Featuring Wedding Photographer Christina (Ysaguirre) Pearce

Photo Credit: Christina Pearce from Christina Ysaguirre Photography

Wedding photography is one of the top expenses for brides and grooms worldwide, but we all know that the investment is more than worth it. When the day or night is done and the cake is finished, the memories made and captured on your wedding day will last forever. With that said, wedding photography is usually non-negotiable. Besides, if you had a wedding in paradise, but there are no photos to show off, did the wedding even happen? 

The Bahamas has several highly recommended and talented wedding photographers to capture the beautiful moments ahead. When booking a photographer, however, there are some things that are important to note. With help from one of the top wedding photographers in the country, we’ve put together a list of expert tips to help your process go smoothly. 

Photographer Bio:
Name: Christina Pearce
Weddings shot: 100+
Photography Style: Lifestyle photography

Photo Credit: Christina Pearce from Christina Ysaguirre Photography 


Grab your Pinterest board and start pinning! In order to hire the best photographer (or any vendor for that matter) for the job, you must first have a good idea of what you want for your big day. Set a date, time, budget and start browsing venues. All of this information will be of the utmost importance once you reach out to the photographer of your choice. 

*Christina’s expert tip*: Sunset is ALWAYS the best time for portraits. The best time of year, especially for outside weddings, is October to March. These months are usually the coolest, and the couple and guests will be most comfortable during this time.


Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event and you want your photos to reflect exactly what you’ve envisioned. If you have a wedding planner or a direct contact where you’ll be staying, ask them for tips. These vendors will usually have a list of professional wedding photographers they have previously worked with and recommend. Don’t be afraid to reach out to multiple photographers before making a final choice.

*Christina’s expert tip*: Make it a point to look through your wedding photographers’ gallery. Ask them for samples, examples and galleries that you can look through. This will allow you to see what a full wedding day will look like from start to finish. Be sure that their style, personality and communication level matches yours. It is very important that you like your photographers’ work and overall personality and that you feel comfortable with them before you book. You will spend your entire day with them so it’s a must that you get along.

Photo Credit: Christina Pearce from Christina Ysaguirre Photography


Between unpredictable weather forecasts and your bridesmaid’s dress potentially ripping, it’s always good to think of and prepare for the unexpected. Talk to your wedding planner about possible location backups in the event of rain and always have a small sewing kit on hand. Most importantly though, focus on what is most important and don’t sweat the small stuff. 

*Christina’s expert tip*: Consider weather backups, remember to plan for the unexpected and go with the flow!  There is always a chance for something to go wrong. Plan for delays and give yourself a bit of time in between each part of your day to ensure you don’t feel rushed. Don’t worry too much about things you can’t change. At the end of the day, you will be married to the love of your life, and that is all that really matters.


In any relationship, communication is key. It is no different when it comes to the relationship with your partner and your vendors. What do your vendors need from you in order for everything to go smoothly?  In order to make your wedding vision come to life, it is important that everyone is on the same page. Prepare a plan of action and share it with each vendor. Make sure they know what part they need to focus on. Also important is to build a personal relationship with each person who plays a role in your wedding plans. 

*Christina’s expert tip*: Include your partner in the decision-making; this process is about the two of you. Also, make sure you have a clean wedding suite if you are having bride prep photos done. And lastly, if you are hiring a videographer, try to find a team that has either worked together before or that has similar styles. This will help make things easier on both vendors. 

Photo Credit: Christina Pearce from Christina Ysaguirre Photography


With countless wedding photography ideas and poses on the internet, it can be tempting to have a long, long list ready for your photographer to complete once your big day arrives. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a good vision of what you want, it is also important to remember to live in the moment and to allow your photographer to do his or her job, which is capturing your wedding day in the best way possible and telling your love story. It’s crucial to be absolutely yourself, to focus on your partner and to be comfortable. All of those elements will shine through.

*Christina’s expert tip*: My biggest tip is to be natural. You look your best when you are being natural and completely you. The love you have for each other will usually come out and show itself in the photos. Be the same people you are together and I will fill in the blanks. 


Maybe the most important of all: Enjoy every minute of wedding planning, the good and the stressful ones. Remember, the day goes by quickly, so, soak in every single second. Don’t waste time on the little things that might not have gone exactly as you wanted them to. Stay focused on the bigger picture and enjoy your once in a lifetime wedding in paradise! 

*Christina’s expert tip*: This is your day! Don’t allow anyone else except your partner to dictate what you should or shouldn’t want, even if they are paying. Stay within budget, but do not feel pressured to change your ideas just because someone has a "better idea". 

Photo Credit: Christina Pearce from Christina Ysaguirre Photography