The Bahamas provides a turn-key experience for your corporate meeting needs and has become a hot spot for sales, executive, and corporate meetings. With multiple island destinations, an array of hotels of every size, and ultra-modern meeting spaces, we can work with you to ensure a great experience for your company.


Imagine an island with warm tropical breezes year round, where you can work on one and play on another. Welcome to The Islands of The Bahamas, a collection of beautiful islands where Paradise awaits you. The Bahamas offers exciting and unique experiences that are fun, inspirational, educational, and sometimes life changing for your incentive travel.


Whether you’re looking for suitable accommodations, meeting spaces, or unique venues, with multiple island destinations, an array of hotels of every size and taste, and ultra-modern meeting spaces, The Bahamas is equipped to accommodate your needs. Year-round sunshine, gorgeous beaches, and translucent water form the perfect backdrop to gather for business and break-away leisure, pre or post meetings and conferences.


Step into The Bahamas and realize beauty extends far beyond our extraordinary natural wonders. It’s the smiles on the faces of the Bahamian people. The unique sounds of our rich culture. The warm hospitality of our heritage and our colorful history. From festivals and concerts, to trade shows, our professional team in the destination can transform your dream to reality.

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Today's Bahamians are the product of the historical encounter between Africa and Europe. Blacks comprise 85 per cent of The Bahamas' population, descendants of enslaved Africans who came directly from Africa or via the United States. Our Cultural Immersion inculcation is seen as pivotal to our sustainability. Ideologically, we want to convey to you a sincere welcome, appreciation, and belonging. We invite participation, connection, and immersion in a myriad of uniquely Bahamian activities, with the most hospitable people in the world.


Our islands are ideal destinations for celebrating fellowship and deep religious roots. When visiting, you’ll join a list of spiritual groups that we’ve welcomed over the years for their religious meetings, conventions, conferences, and retreats.