Blissful Creations

This local Bahamian Store is fully stocked with 100% hand made arts & crafts by Ms. Judith Rigby. 

She explores all of the Long Island beaches  for a variety of seashells, sand, and sea glass. 

There is also a section in the building that is set up like a mini museum displaying items that were once used by Bahamians a long time ago. Items such as the goose neck iron, basins, buckets, sisal straw hats, scrubbing board and tin tub, also various types of straws used to make bags, and hats.

Ms. Judith Rigby also makes Bahamian Bush Teas from local trees, that can be used for medicinal purposes or a cool beverage.

Bahamian Bush Beverages:

  • fever grass
  • tamarind
  • five finger
  • sea grape
  • strong back
  • mango


Queen's Highway
Deadman's Cay
Contact Information:
Ms. Judith Rigby
(242) 337-0904
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