Experience Lucayan National Park. Named for the original habitants of The Bahamas, The Lucayans, some of whose remains were discovered in what is now called Burial Mound Cave. Explore the 6 different ecosystems of this natural reserve, and divers will get to experience Ben's Cave first-hand. Ben's Cave is one of the earliest explored underwater cave systems. There are only 4 guides allowed to lead divers through this system, and your guide, Shamie Rolle is one of them. See formations created during the last ice age, experience a halocline and see creatures adjusted to this unique environment. End your day with lunch at the unforgettably beautiful Gold Rock Beach.


3-hr adventure (Dive only) $1196-hr adventure (Full experience) $159


Grand Bahama Highway

Grand Bahama Island
Contact Information:
Shamie B. Rolle
(242) 727-1974
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