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Events By Alexandra Is Taking Diners On A Weekly Culinary World Tour
Chef Alexandra Maillis-Lynch Is Sharing Her International Expertise With At-Home Weekly Catered Meals

In addition to being an experienced caterer, she frequently hosts special events that celebrate world cuisine, bold flavours, and unique ingredients. In recent months, she has adapted to the changing dining landscape by offering food enthusiasts a fine dining experience at home, via weekly internationally themed meals for two.

Events by Alexandra initially started their world food tour as a monthly dinner series called “A Place At Our Table”.  Diners would meet at the Hillside House, which is also home to world renowned artist Antonius Robert’s Art Gallery, to enjoy a family style meal under the stars. But, like many restaurants around the world, Alexandra and her team evolved to be able to deliver a similar experience in the comfort of one’s home.

Each week has a different theme and menu, ranging from Greek Mezedes, an American Melting Pot and Cruising the Mediterranean to A Taste of Africa, Spanish Tapas, or Vibrant Indonesia. One of her recent menus, aptly titled “An Invitation to Luxembourg,” served as a trip down memory lane for Alexandra and celebrated her early childhood experiences. At the time, her father was president of an airline called International Air Bahama, which would travel between Nassau and Luxembourg, each week. Alexandra was lucky enough to visit the small European country often, and she remembers the beautiful flowers, pastry shops, and hearty cuisine, fondly

Each catered meal includes a hot and cold box. The Luxembourg menu came packaged with real vibrant rose petals scattered on top, an ode to the fresh flowers that grew in great abundance around the country. And, the cold selections included an assortment of local delicacies, ranging from Firestone Salad (a flavourful mix of beef, pickled onions, capers, gherkins, boiled eggs, and fresh herbs), German and French Cheeses (camembert, cambozola and edam accompanied by white sweet grapes), an assortment of sauces (Luxembourg mustard, homemade mustard and homemade applesauce), and Cream Horns for dessert (handmade puff pastry filled with pastry cream).

The hot selections were equally diverse, and included Escargot (tender and flavourful snails cooked in garlic, parsley, salt, fresh cracked black pepper, butter, lemon juice and olive oil paired with croustades and German style ale bread), Jambon en Croûte with Port Wine Sauce (slices of ham simmered in a flavoured broth, then coated in mustard before being wrapped in puff pastry and baked), Shrimp in White Wine Sauce (large shrimp cooked in a rich thick sauce containing finely chopped vegetables, herbs, butter, fish stock, and Luxembourg Riesling), Bouneschlupp (a classic Luxembourg soup with green beans, potatoes, smoked bacon and onions accompanied by potato pancakes and sour cream), and lastly, but certainly not least, Chicken & Mushrooms in Bechamel (chicken sauteed in butter and then braised with shallots, garlic, cognac, mushrooms, parsley, and Riesling wine, with a ‘liaison’ of cream and egg yolks for richness at the end).

Events by Alexandra teases a wide range of new international catered food adventures, each week. They also hope to return to hosting in-person themed events in the near future.


Thanksgiving themed catered meals will be offered by Events by Alexandra on November 26. A different Christmas themed menu will be offered on December 4, 11, and a special Greek Christmas Vegan/Vegetarian feast will be available on December 18. Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve menus will be available on December 24 and December 31, respectively.


Each catered box is available for delivery on Friday afternoons and includes generous portions for two. Each meal costs $150 plus VAT, and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage selections are available for an additional $10 each. Weekly menus are posted on the Event by Alexandra social media pages and orders can be placed by email or telephone. It is recommended to order early in the week as menus often sell out quickly.

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EMAIL: alexandra@eventsbyalexandra.com

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