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Goombay House is Lifting the Lid on Bahamian Cooking!

The use of aromatic, colorful and bold ingredients, such as thyme, onions, sweet peppers, guavas, mangoes, limes, sour oranges, goat peppers, tender conch, meaty grouper, and crisp celery, just to name a few, gives the Bahamian pot a distinct flavor profile. And, while most Bahamians have personal touches and recipe variations that make their cooking unique, the well-known dishes that can be found on every island, from Grand Bahama all the way down to Inagua, are surprisingly simple to prepare.

When the Goombay House opened in late 2018, owner Cutelle Neymour aimed to create an interactive, hands-on cooking experience that celebrated the world-class artistry and skills of Bahamian chefs, while demystifying the art of Bahamian and international cuisine. And, since then, the colorful and vibrant cooking studio has treated men and women from around The Bahamas and the world, to a fun, yet educational culinary journey, complete with cocktails, lively conversation, and communal seating which gives attendees the chance to enjoy their completed dishes, while chatting, laughing and embracing a sense of community.

The Goombay House hosts several weekly classes, including Wine Crush Wednesday, Issa Brunch Vibe, Goombay Gourmet Nights, Kids Cook, Too, and Cooking + Cocktails, all featuring a rotating cast of world class chefs and/or mixologists.

Issa Brunch Vibe - As the name suggests, Issa Brunch features a menu of brunch classics. Attendees are asked to thoroughly clean and disinfect their hands, for a truly hands-on experience, that can see them seasoning fresh caught fish, creating a deep, rich roux, and masterfully mixing up a buttery, fluffy pan of Johnny Cake, for the perfect plate of Stew Fish. Other brunch favorites include classic Bahamian Chicken Souse or Stew Conch paired with creamy yellow grits.

Each Issa Brunch class features two dishes made from scratch, and the Goombay House culinary team also showcases international options alongside the Bahamian fare. This can range from Acai Bowls topped with sweet and crunchy granola, fluffy omelets or custardy Guava Stuffed French Toast.

Goombay Gourmet Nights - Much like Issa Brunch, attendees don their aprons for an evening of cooking, led by a highly skilled chef. But, instead of brunch classics, Gourmet Nights offers a full meal, complete with an appetizer, entree and dessert. Dishes can include options like Creamy Conch Chowder, Moroccan Spiced Steak, and Citrus Upside Down Cake.

Wine Crush Wednesday - Wine is the star of this class, which includes lighter fare that is intended to pair well with the featured wines of the evening.

Cooking + Cocktails - During Cooking + Cocktails classes, the Goombay House Mixology Team will show attendees how to create their very own cocktails while also walking them through the creation of dishes like Conch Cakes and Chile Lime Steak Fajitas.

Kids Cook, Too - This class is for budding chefs or kids looking to learn how to make simple, yet delicious, dishes for themselves. Much like the adult centric classes, the Goombay House chefs show the young cooks how to safely prepare dishes like Creamy Chicken Lasagna Rolls and Mini Oreo Cheesecakes.

The cooking studio also hosts periodic special events, and private cooking classes can also be arranged.

For more information about Goombay House, their class schedule and their rotating weekly menus, check out their Instagram page @GoombayHouse, Facebook page @GoombayHouse or their website at http://www.goombayhousecookingstudio.com


The Goombay House recently began offering bi-weekly takeout options of some of their most popular recipes. The menu changes each week and can be found on their social media pages.