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Kyma… A Taste of Greece Meets South America

Despite only recently opening its doors on July 6, 2020, Kyma has already seen a massive show of support from diners eager to experience the restaurant’s diverse and flavor packed menu.

Located in western New Providence, Kyma features authentic ingredients flown in directly from Greece, including a number of spirits and wines, in addition to a wide variety of fresh produce sourced from local farms and small fruit and vegetable vendors. Dishes include authentic offerings and Greek classics such as their Salted Meringue, which is fresh caught, deboned fish baked in a salt shell, as well as a flaky on the outside and decadent on the inside Spanakopita. Their tender and well seasoned Grilled Octopus and selection of robustly flavored classic dips, such as Hummus and Tzatziki, will also satisfy persons looking for traditional Greek fare. But, Kyma’s menu also has a strong South American influence, with many of the dishes featuring flavors prevalent in Peruvian cuisine.

A few menu highlights include their citrus infused Salmon Totopos, which sits atop a light wafer, Grilled Calamari served with a spicy mango sauce bursting with flavor from fresh, locally grown mangoes, and the Octopus Ravi, which is a crispy, yet tender dumpling served with fresh pineapple and a sweet glaze.

The well crafted appetizer and entree menu, which is made entirely in house and utilizes both wood and grills, is complemented by a selection of cocktails and desserts that are unique to the restaurant and cannot be found anywhere else on the island. Kyma’s Greek Spritz is a refreshing and light beverage that can be enjoyed with a meal, or all on its own, and includes Mastica liqueur (which is flavored with a mastic resin and has a slightly pine or cedar-like flavor), grapefruit, cucumber and basil. For dessert, the classic Chocolate Fondant may be the most popular, but it is highly recommended to try the Galactoboureko. This classic Greek milk and butter cream confection includes crispy filo and can be paired with vanilla or house-made Mastica infused ice cream.

Co-owner Annamaria Diamantis notes that it has been an exciting but frightening experience opening a new restaurant and navigating the ever evolving social and dining landscape, but she has been pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming show of support since Kyma’s soft opening this summer. Annamarie praises her talented and innovative culinary team, who has been able to adapt, despite the many changes that have impacted restaurants in 2020.

Since opening, Kyma has offered both dining room and curbside takeout options, but for current operational hours and service availability, be sure to visit Kyma’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kyma.242/?hl=en

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/KYMA-Seafood-Grill-106077830928990/