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The health and wellbeing of all who enter or reside in The Bahamas remains the number one priority, and diligent efforts are enforced to minimize the spread of COVID-19. The following travel and entry protocols have been put in place to ensure The Bahamas is a safe and clean destination for all to enjoy.

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  • Pre-Departure & Arrival
  • During Travel
  • On-Island Experience
  • Cruise Passengers
  • Failure to Follow Protocol
Pre-Departure & Arrival

 Testing Requirements 

As of 20 September 2022, the COVID-19 testing requirement for entering The Bahamas has been eliminated.

All travellers, regardless of vaccination status, are no longer required to submit to pre-travel COVID-19 testing to enter the country.

Please note: COVID-19 testing is no longer required for persons travelling inter-island (domestic) within The Bahamas, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status (unvaccinated or fully vaccinated).

During Travel
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While travelling to The Bahamas & once arrived the following protocols must be followed:

Wear a face mask:

  • Through 1 October 2022, face masks must be worn when entering and transiting terminals, at security and customs screenings, at baggage claim.

Please note: The Bahamas’ mask mandate will be relaxed on 1 October 2022, at which time members of the public will not be required to wear a mask in most settings.

    On-Island Experience
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    Once on Island:

    Wear a face mask and physical distance when in public places:

    • When travelling in a taxi or on a bus, when standing in lines, when entering any establishment, while entering or exiting a restaurant
    • When entering and exiting beaches (not required on the beach)
    • Before and after exercise (masks must be visible on your person during exercise)

    Abide by all protocols and restrictions as outlined in the most recent Health Services Rules:

    • Some islands may be following different rules than others,
    • Travellers should check the status of their island destination before travelling, by visiting Bahamas.com/travelupdates.
    Cruise Passengers

    Please note: The entry requirements for cruise passengers have changed recently. Further details about these changes are listed below. 

    Guests on cruises that originate in and return to The Bahamas: 

    *Please note: Cruise lines may have different requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated guests. Please check with your cruise line for specific details pertaining to your cruise.

    Step 2 - Pre-Boarding Testing

    • Cruise lines may have different requirements for pre-boarding testing. Please check with your cruise line for specific details pertaining to your cruise.


    • Please check your local government guidelines prior to your visit to determine return requirements as some countries may require negative test results for re-entry. For a list of approved testing sites, please visit Bahamas.com/travelupdate
    Failure to Follow Protocol

    All Rules and Regulations Are Being Enforced

    • Travellers who show symptoms of COVID-19 may be transferred to an area away from others for further testing and evaluation, and quarantine may be required by health personnel.
    • Through 1 October 2022, a $250 fine or a penalty of one month imprisonment, or both, is to be enforced for visitors or residents found not wearing face masks in areas where it is required.


    • A $10,000 fine or a penalty of two years imprisonment, or both, is to be enforced for visitors or residents submitting falsified vaccination records.

    • Unvaccinated visitors who fail to complete the daily Health Questionnaire will be subject to deportation.

    Interactive island Guide


    Know Before You Go

    The health and wellbeing of all who enter or reside in The Bahamas remains the number one priority. Use our interactive map to learn about what regulations are currently in place for your desired island.

    Good to Go

    Good to Go

    There are currently no regulations in place for these activities and travellers can proceed.

    Proceed with Caution

    Proceed with Caution

    There are some regulations in place that might interfere with these activities.



    Due to current regulations, these activities are currently unavailable.

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    Potential Changes For Requirements

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