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4 Authentic Bahamian Foods You Have To Try!

But there are staples when it comes to Bahamian food. There’s options you can go without, but trust me when I tell you, these are the 4 must-try food items you have to try when you come to the Islands.

Conch Salad

Conch is more or less a large sea snail that we islanders eat in varying forms. Now, I know a lot of you may already be turned off by “sea snail,” and I know we just met (kinda, but not really) but you gotta believe me when I say it’s less gross than the name advertises. Among the variations of ways to cook conch, arguably, the most popular way is to…..not cook it. Yes, you eat it raw. A conch salad is the cut up raw conch, onions, sweet peppers, goat pepper (to your spice level, of course) and some people add pineapples, apples….the options are endless. All that natural goodness mixed up into a bowl and then showered with lemon and orange. It’s a flavor explosion and one of our most popular delicacies!


Let’s just be clear: You’re on vacation. I know everyone wants to believe they’re gonna maintain some semblance of healthy and I applaud you if you have that discipline and commitment. But if you’re like me and really wanna hang loose, then this is the meal for you. It’s greasy, delicious comfort food that they literally put in a bag. Chicken-In-The-Bag is a staple within The Bahamas because of how easy it is to make and how accessible it is in all communities. Over-The-Hill, in the suburbs, wherever you are, there is an option for this sinful delight. The standard Chicken-In-The-Bag consists of a deep fried thigh/breast part of the chicken, fries and a roll, all smothered in ketchup and hot sauce and the option to add mayo, onions, etc. If you really wanna go in on it, some people add deep fried conch to the meal which, at that point, will put you to sleep faster than a sleeping pill ever could. The locations to find this meal are endless, so feel free to ask a local and they’ll point you in the direction of the nearest spot to indulge on this heavenly delight!


Souse is a breakfast staple in The Bahamas. It’s also considered a hangover cure by some (I can vouch for this, personally). Souse is our version of chicken soup, more or less, only difference being that we add several meat options. You can get chicken, sheep tongue, pig feet, ribs, or even turkey souse. The broth is amazing and spicy and it includes potatoes, onions and goat pepper, which typically comes on the side depending on your spice threshold. Some people even add carrots for a little sweetness and color. If you had a long night partying it up in the casinos or in the clubs, this is the perfect pick me up and recovery meal. And while you’re enjoying your souse, it’s also served with the options of grits or Johnny Cake which is a local bread made on the Islands and is good for soaking up the broth and last night’s fun!

Conch Fritters

We’re back to that delicious sea snail again, only this time, it’s deep fried and amazing! Much like normal fritters, it is a deep fried appetizer, only ours is filled with conch, onions, green peppers and goat pepper. It’s quick and easy to make and can be found practically at all of our eateries. Served with a Junkanoo sauce (let’s just call it our Bahamian secret sauce) for dipping, it’s a light appetizer before the big meal arrives. Or perhaps, you’re on one of our many beautiful beaches and just want a light snack. It’s perfect for beach days with a cold beer and the ocean air blowing over you. And they are super cheap. Typically, you can get 5 or 6 of them for $2 or less. So, for the price of your pocket change, you can have a quick snack to hold you over until lunch/dinner!