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7 Ships Bar & Grill (Previously Known As Shipwrecked)

Nassau & Paradise Island

Located a stone’s throw away from the foot of the Sidney Poitier bridge, 7 Ships is a welcoming, friendly bar with pub-style food and a congenial and accommodating staff. Make sure and ask for the pork chop bites which are literally what you think it is but you never knew you needed to try.  The experience provides an American pub style atmosphere,  features three 50-inch flat-screen televisions, darts, pool and a cool treehouse that gives a breathtaking view of Atlantis. Being so close to Paradise Island, it is a staple for tourists who prefer a more casual, down-to-earth outing vs the club atmosphere.

With events like Taco Tuesday (yes, I consider tacos to be an event that should be celebrated by the world), Karaoke on Wednesday nights with the lovely Maradonna, especially, is a treat. Though, I can’t promise everyone’s voice will be as splendid as hers. Speaking of music: What’s your favorite genre of music? Good, because you can play whatever you feel like hearing or you can ask a member of their friendly staff to play it for you. No, no…. there is no Cheers jukebox available. However, they do allow customers to fiddle with the new age version of the beloved jukebox which we all know as Youtube. 7 Ships is one of the first bars to implement a self-serve music option. You can jam out to your favorite rock tune;, mellow out to some old-school R&B or nod your head to some gritty hip-hop sounds. Whatever floats your boat (pardon the pun) is your choice at 7 Ships. With all the events and so much more, it’s hard not to pull up to 7 Ships and not feel at home.

Also, in true dive bar fashion, there is a bell! And not just any bell. A magical bell that, once rung by a patron, requires you to take a shot of your choice on their coin. It’s all fun and games until someone has had a good day at work and decides the rest of the bar should join in. It’s not mandatory at all of course, but it’s way more fun if you participate. And, besides…. you’re on vacation! What happens in 7 Ships stays in 7 Ships. Unless you’re filming your escapades, at which point, Godspeed!

At a more than affordable price point, you won’t break the bank as you indulge in pub food, fun shots and cold drinks.

It’s a popular hangout spot for locals fresh from their jobs, attempting to relieve themselves from the hard-working day. It’s also one of the few unique opportunities visitors have to really get to know the Bahamian people, learn the culture and, if you’re lucky, maybe make a friend!

7 Ships is perfect for couples and groups but I would not recommend it for the little ones. It’s an escape from the hustle and bustle of the larger hotels and downtown Nassau and a breath of fresh air for anyone, like me,  who just wants to be where everybody knows your name.