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Why The Bahamas Is The Best Place To Elope

Weddings are pricey and then here comes the honeymoon right on its heels. During these times, people are pinching pennies and clutching their purses in an effort to save whatever coin they can, wherever they can. Well, I have a secret for you if you promise to tell……why not do both? Why not get married during your honeymoon, right here in The Bahamas?

It’s the best of both worlds — the intimacy of you and your beloved on a sandy beach, as the sun sets upon your intimate and personal love, and the ease of not having to worry about the normal taxing details of a traditional wedding. The beauty of eloping is the ability to trim the fat of acquaintances and feeding 500 people you barely know and having a select crew of family and friends attend your most important day. We have no shortage of beaches and other natural scenic venues to choose from. Don’t wanna get your toes sandy? Why not an all-inclusive with one of our many hotel options? One price affords you your dream wedding with no hassle or headache from the typical logistics of a traditional wedding. And what better visuals than an island wedding? Palm trees, glassy seas, exotic tropical locales and friendly people at your beckon call because it’s your wedding, and you can dance on the beach if you want to!

So if you’re interested in a no headache, personal and romantic wedding, then say no more, and come to The Bahamas! Our sun, sand and sea are waiting to celebrate your big day with you!