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How To Dress During Your Visit To The Bahamas

We literally have sun (sand and sea might I add) 360 days of the year. Trying to complicate your wardrobe would easily be a recipe for disaster. There are 3 simple questions you have to ask yourself when trying to dress for a weekend or extended stay in the beautiful Islands of The Bahamas.

Do you intend on beaching/lounging?

If the answer is no, then feel free to keep reading, but, if the answer is, “Obviously, Mr. strange blogger man,” then you’re in the right place. As I’m sure you’re already aware, we have beaches for miles and miles. Standard swim trunks (or speedo if you’re feeling spicy) for men should do the trick. As for the ladies, if you’re going to pack a bikini or swimsuit, it would behoove you to bring a hat (wide brimmed or otherwise) to block out the blaring sun. I’m no scientist, but somehow the sun seems more intense on the beaches than anywhere else on the island. Also, pro tip, you’re REALLY gonna need sunscreen. If you’re thinking, “Nah, I should be fine,” then, you’re wrong. Better safe than sorry, as our sun is a tricky fella. (Again, not a scientist, I promise.)

Are you planning to go to dinner or go to dinner?

There are dinners, and then, there are dinners. You’re visiting a Caribbean island, so, let it be known that we are a laid-back people. Dining in a restaurant wearing flip-flops and cargo shorts is commonplace here. But, if you intend to really live it up and be fancy, then, it would behoove you, ladies, to bring a casual summer dress and gentlemen, a sports jacket and some slacks would do the trick. You’re on vacation, so there are no worries here. But there are extravagant dining establishments on the island that require a step above casual wear in order to dine in. Also, with our array of bars, clubs and patio decks, looking your most relaxed and dressed down is 100% allowed. Our weather, night and day, allows for light dressing and good times.

How MUCH fun do you plan on having?

There are visitors who want to get the full experience and there are those who would rather stay on the resort property and just lounge and enjoy the sun and the leisure to get away from it all. There is no wrong way to vacation so both rationales are correct. If you plan to get the full experience of the island, I would suggest bringing along a backpack and a comfortable pair of sneakers/shoes, as a lot of the islands are smaller, and your next adventure is only a stone’s throw away. If you intend on staying at the resort, that’s also perfectly ok. Our resorts try to engage visitors with a plethora of fun activities such as slides, lazy rivers, casinos, concerts etc. A more diverse wardrobe may be in order depending on the activities you wish to take part in.

All in all, we want you to visit and be prepared to indulge in the beauty of our 700 islands and cays. But it’s The Bahamas, you’re gonna have fun in whatever you choose to wear during whatever you choose to do. But whatever you do and wherever you go, enjoy it and live it up! And by the way: Welcome to The Bahamas!