All of the places to stay here are perfect for romantic escapes and offer completely different experiences. Club Med Columbus Isle all-inclusive resort offers an upscale experience with numerous amenities and a variety of relaxing and energetic activities, such as massages facing the sea or water sports on the beach. Guanahani Beach Club Resort has a cozy, intimate setting, attentive staff and a magical ambiance that encourages romance and quietude. Riding Rock Inn Resort & Marina is all about diving and fishing, and you can join other anglers and divers at the bar each night to brag about your daily adventures. The Sands Residence Hotel lets you exercise your independence and combines a laid-back island style with lots of activity. Other activities across the island that you can enjoy as a couple include eco tours to see birds and iguanas, blue holes and caves, plus national parks; island tours to explore the numerous historical sites, including plantation ruins, a lighthouse, and monuments to Christopher Columbus; beachcombing and picnicking on unique secluded beaches; plus a variety of local bars and restaurants to stop in and interact with the locals.