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5 Ways to Eat Conch in The Bahamas

If you don’t know what conch is, it is a sea snail that we consume in a plethora of ways. It can be eaten raw, fried, steamed, stewed and even as a salad! Here are 5 ways to have conch on your visit to The Bahamas.

Conch Salad

It’s literally what it sounds like, only not really at all. Are you watching your weight or a health enthusiast? This is the perfect meal for you. Loaded with the raw but diced conch along with onions, sweet pepper, lime, the juice of an orange and a little bit of love; there you have a conch salad! It’s a light meal and as of late, there are now new updates and additions to the salad. Some people prefer theirs with fruit in it. Some prefer it super spicy, which is done using goat peppers. There’s no wrong way to have a conch salad. Unless you have a shellfish allergy at which point please, and I cannot stress this enough, DON’T have a conch salad. But if you’re not allergic, then grab a cold beer and enjoy!

Conch Chowder

Conch chowder is a personal favorite. It’s warm and it feels like home. It’s what African Americans would call “soul food”. Conch chowder is a soup with bits of conch, carrots, potatoes and a dark but delicious broth. It’s served with your option of Johnny Cake or grits. It’s a hearty meal and can be eaten at any time of day. It’s breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one day and its fantastic. On a cool night with a loved one, it’s the perfect meal.

Stewed Conch

Similar to conch chowder in look, but definitely different in presentation, stewed conch is another stick to your bones and warm your soul meal. Stewed conch presents huge pieces of the conch while also having a thinner broth style. Seasoned to perfection and just a hint spicier this is served at almost all local eateries because it is in such high demand on the island. The conch itself is larger and juicer and served on a bed of white rice. Make sure you have nothing planed for the rest of the day as this will definitely put you to sleep.

Cracked Conch

Cracked conch is probably the most popular out of all of the selections presented here. It’s hands down, an island favorite. Businesses have been built in its honor and arguments and rivalries have been birthed in this name. Crack conch is conch that has been beaten with a hammer (literally), then seasoned, bathed in flour and then deep fried. It’s typically served with fries and your option of ketchup, hot sauce and even mayonnaise. How do you know if you’ve had good cracked conch? It’s the texture. If you can rip that tender meat with very little resistance then trust me, you’re in business. Cracked Conch is a MUST try for every visitor that comes to the island.

Scorched Conch

Scorched conch is almost identical to conch salad only the difference is just that the salad also includes chopped tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, creating a more refreshing, balanced dish. Where the scorched conch lacks in personality, it makes up for it in taste, as its marinated in fruit juices and peppers and served immediately. It’s an elegantly simple dish with bombastic taste. It’s a quick and light snack while you’re sitting at one of our docks and enjoying a cold beer with a friend or loved on.