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Bahamian Nightlife (And Where To Go)

So, I think it’s high time I spill the beans about our great and vibrant nightlife here on our islands and where to go.

If I’m being honest most nightlife starts right there at your resort/hotel. With fantastic options like Atlantis and Bahamar to name a few, the night usually starts just a few feet away from your room. But if you’re looking for a little something extra and really want to feel the pulse of the island then you have to go downtown Nassau.

Downtown is where the cluster of bars and restaurants and even clubs all come together for our own little version of New Orleans. With options like Senor Frogs, Pirates of Nassau, and even a Hooters, there’s no end to the bar hopping one can do. Coming off of the cruise ship? Bambu is literally right across from the road from the cruise port. A favorite amongst cruise staff and passengers alike. Then there’s The Pub which is a stone’s throw away from the cruise port as well which has fantastic food, great energy, games and much more. And did I mention all of these options are within walking distance of each other? So, no need to hop from cab to cab when everything is ‘right down the road’ as we like to say.

Going to an out island? Typically, the bigger bars are relegated to the more populated islands such as Abaco, Freeport, Long Island etc. But make no mistake that we are drinkers here on the islands. So there’s always a bar to go to with music playing and good times to be had. Even on little Bimini they have options and that’s one of our smallest islands.

So yes please come for the sun, sand and sea. But when you’re done with the beach? Come have a drink with us. We’d love to get to know you!!

**UPDATE**Find out what’s the hottest to-do while you’re here by visiting https://www.bahamas.com/tourism-reopening and checking out our interactive map! #KnowBeforeYouGo